Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates And Themes Online

Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates And Themes Online

Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates  will be described in this article. The best marketplaces for selling your templates and themes are now essential. Every dedicated web designer needs to be aware of a marketplace where they can sell their original creations and make some additional money. Using online marketplaces, web designers have the chance to showcase their creativity and earn some additional money. But for some people, selecting the best market for your product can be intimidating. I have a few carefully chosen marketplaces that can help you market your templates and themes, so take advantage of them. So let’s explore the marketplaces!

Nowadays, it’s much simpler to create beautiful templates and themes due to the various web design software options. But have you ever considered that if you haven’t yet discovered the best market to sell them on, it will be a complete waste of your talent? You can sell your templates and themes on a variety of online marketplaces and make good money doing it. However, if you are still unaware of the amazing marketplaces that are out there, you are undoubtedly missing out on significant chances.

Users are constantly seeking out resources for really great and stunning themes for their websites. Some web designers do attempt to sell their own templates and themes, though. You can sell your themes or templates at twice the speed with the aid of a reputable marketplace. Now that you know some of the best marketplaces to sell your templates and themes on, it’s time to dig a little deeper.

Top Marketplaces To Sell Your Templates And Themes Online

In this article, you can know about marketplaces to sell your themes and templates online here are the details below;

1. TemplateMonster


One of the best and most well-known online marketplaces to sell your templates and themes is TemplateMonster. Without a doubt, TemplateMonster is a sizable and expanding industry. You can find website templates, graphic techniques, & plugins here and in other places to help your endeavor succeed. They have a sizable selection of website templates for businesses, a variety of niche-specific projects, and any other kind of website you intend to build. You have the option of selecting any paid template or any freely downloadable free website design from this page. Along with different Bootstrap-based website templates, HTML5 and CSS3 ready designs are also included in the collection.

This market enables millions of independent developers to promote and sell their goods, and it enables customers to easily purchase and develop their original projects using this platform. Every day, TemplateMonster adds new designs to its library for every CMS and specialty. They provide goods in a number of areas, including WordPress themes, Shopify themes, landing page templates, graphics, Elementor kits, resume templates, HTML, Powerpoint, and eCommerce themes. You are free to choose whatever you believe is ideal for your company. Another option is a MonsterONE, which provides limitless resources for any endeavor.

Top Features of TemplateMonster

  • To build a visually attractive website, TemplateMonster provides a huge selection of excellent graphics.
  • A wide variety of icons, user interface components, logo designs, typefaces, after effects, animated banners, etc. are available.
  • A perfect eCommerce theme for all popular systems, including Shopify, VirtueMart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Magento, and many others.
  • They can give you more than 60k digital goods.
  • You can select from a number of affordable plans based on your requirements.
  • A spend once and use unlimited option is also available.
  • There won’t be any issues using it because of the user interface’s high level of intuitiveness.

2. Themeforest


When it comes to online marketing of your templates and themes, Themeforest is yet another fierce competitor. They offer a huge selection of top-notch templates and themes. In essence, Themeforest serves as a marketplace where you can simply sell and buy website templates and WordPress themes. But Themeforest is a part of Envato Market, a place where millions of talented artists can showcase their work. They hold the web designs you send to extremely high standards.

The user design is incredibly helpful and easy to get used to. It’s simple to add your design and themes. Users searching for the best options to create a website for their company should visit this site. It functions as follows: Publish, Buy, Commission.

Features of Themeforest

  • The number of WordPress themes and website templates exceeds 50,000.
  • They offer templates and themes for a variety of areas, including WordPress Themes.
  • Online Store Templates
  • Templates for websites
  • Marketing Scripts
  • The CMS Templates
  • Additional blogging
  • Every week, there will be featured themes.
  • They offer top-notch theme assistance.
  • You can simply locate some reasonably priced templates for your company.

3. Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace

Sharing your templates and themes and building your market is simple with Mojo Marketplace. However, despite not being as popular as TemplateMonster and envato, Mojo Marketplace is making headway online. It was established in 2009, and as of this writing, they have more than 69k digital products to sell. It offers designers a great platform to showcase their finest themes and templates. Every template or theme that someone submits must first go through a review procedure. Each design goes through a rigorous quality check during this procedure. It must meet the requirements for excellence in order to be included in Mojo Marketplace. A thoughtful web design is well shaped by the consideration that went into it.

Features of Mojo Marketplace

  • Different groups are well-organized on Mojo Marketplace.
  • You can quickly discover the best solution thanks to the search’s filtering capabilities.
  • You can also get some of its goods for free.
  • They uphold excellent coding standards.
  • You receive a 50% commission from each transaction that is successful on Mojo Marketplace.
  • You receive an intuitive user UI that makes the procedure simpler.

4. Creative Market

Creative Market

Another strong competitor in this space is Creative Market. The Creative Market marketplace has been utilized by over 3 million people to launch their businesses. Whether you are a business owner, independent contractor, or web expert, you can use the themes and templates on CreativeMarket to launch your website right away. They provide a wide range of extremely fast and clean designs.

A designer should be aware of how society affects UX, and they should also be aware of where to display their work. A creator puts forth more effort by researching responsive web design frameworks after learning web design in order to implement their ideas. But being aware of these top marketplaces will make it much simpler for you to promote your digital goods.

Features of Creative Market

  • Many artists all over the world are empowered by Creative Market.
  • They also contain marketing and SEO tools.
  • With Creative Market Marketplace, managing your clients, keeping an eye on data, and communicating with them via support tickets is a breeze.
  • Creative Market won’t make you wait for clearance.
  • Your theme or template will immediately go live for your users after you submit it.
  • Using this extensive network, marketing your designs is simple.

5. Codester


You can sell and buy templates and themes on Codester. To send your designs to Codester, just like many other marketplaces, you must first log in. Your submitted designs will then be examined by their review staff, and if they approve, they will be posted on the Codester. They typically evaluate your templates, themes, app source code, scripts & codes, and plugins in one to two days. Every time a customer buys your theme or template, you get paid 70% of the price without any limitations. Additionally, they don’t have any requirements for minimum purchases. You won’t encounter any obstacles when selling.

Features of Codester

  • You can sell and buy templates and themes on Codester.
  • You get a 70% commission for each transaction from it.
  • Simple steps include logging in, submitting, and selling.
  • They consist of images, templates, scripts and code snippets, themes, plugins, and more.
  • Weekly free downloads are also provided by them. Users can therefore use that as well.

Bonus Design marketplaces to sell your templates and themes

6. 99design


Another fantastic resource for finding gorgeous logo designs is 99designs. Small businesses and start-ups are the most appropriate for making a start. The design challenge methodology is used by 99designs. However, the platform is set up in a way that collaboration between designers and company owners is made incredibly simple. However, the methods by which a market operates are essentially the same. You must first register before you can send your designs for approval and have them displayed on the market. Additionally, if any user purchases your theme or design, you will earn a predetermined commission on each sale.

Features of 99designs

  • Work with a group of qualified graphic designers on 99designs.
  • Designers may freely send their concepts, which will be available for use by everyone.
  • You are given a 100% money-back promise by 99designs.
  • Businesses can collaborate with a variety of artists simultaneously.
  • It includes a personal manager who will handle everything smoothly.

7. Designhill


To meet all of your design needs, Designhill gives you wonderful services. Professional graphic designers who want to showcase their abilities and earn some money can profit greatly from this platform. It is an online platform where people can buy and sell logos, graphic designs, and website designs. The best part about this platform is how reasonably priced it is, which users may find useful. Your requirements for web design can be met by the service provided by Designhill. You can sell your themes, graphic designs, logos, and templates under one of their many categories.

Features of Designhill

  • You are given a full money-back promise by Designhill.
  • Over 50 groups are available for examination.
  • There is a sizable market where artists can showcase their skills.
  • You can establish connections with other talented artists from over 52 different nations.
  • It’s easy to sell your templates and themes on the Designhill store.

8. Freepik


You can use Freepik to make money by sharing the things you enjoy doing. It is one of the most reputable and established online marketplaces. You can more easily get the necessary publicity for your designs thanks to their more than 30 million users. You’ll see a condensed contributor panel where you can submit your designs, follow the review procedure, and quickly monitor your earnings. Everything can be completed easily in one location. Finding a spot to sell their work would be fantastic for any web designer who is putting so much effort into making the design look and function impressively. And any designer can undoubtedly benefit from the user base of millions of individuals. Try using Freepik to market and sell your artwork as well.

Features of Freepik

  • Freepik offers three distinct pricing options.
  • Your designs will first be evaluated for visual appeal and adherence to quality standards.
  • You can submit PSD files, photos, and vectors to your contributor panel.
  • The review procedure can take up to 20 days before a judgment is made.
  • Freepik is essentially a collection of stock photos. Consequently, you must take care with the designs you send.

You have it now! You are now aware of a few carefully chosen marketplaces where you can sell your templates and themes. As a result, you can join any of them and simply sell or buy any template you like. However, using the TemplateToaster website builder software can be a wonderful option for you if you want to delve more in-depth into the world of design. It has all the options and features you need to quickly create completely functional templates and themes with a professional appearance. site designers of all skill levels can create beautiful site templates with TemplateToaster without writing any code or doing anything else.

So, Which Marketplaces to Sell your templates and Themes You Should Choose?

Of all the options mentioned above, TemplateMonster and Envato are without a question the best marketplaces. The best part is that you can work on it full-time rather than as a secondary gig. Because the templates and themes you can find there are of the highest caliber and level of professionalism. Any template or theme you choose will be exquisitely crafted, compliant with the most recent web standards, and impressively displayed. They are simple to use when starting original web initiatives. Codester and Creative Market are two other marketplaces that offer excellent solutions. Additionally, they offer templates and themes in a number of areas. The kind of templates or themes you choose for your website ultimately relies on you. And which market is the most appropriate and cost-effective for you.

Marketplaces to Sell Your Templates and Themes – Wrapping it up

And that’s it! Following your exploration of the aforementioned marketplaces, you must have come to the conclusion that regardless of the site you select, you must be certain of the services it can provide. Your options may be influenced by a number of variables, including support, pricing, and usability. However, it is advised to carefully review the platform before choosing one specific option for displaying your templates and themes.

As a web designer, I’m sure you constantly search for a location to market your creations in order to increase your chances of making money. Please feel free to share any other successful marketplaces that I may have forgotten to note in the comments section below.

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