How Independent Artists and Music Listeners Benefit from Streaming Apps

The MP3 player was quite an exciting invention for the world of music. Many teenagers and adults went out to buy one and used it consistently while exercising, at work, while doing yard work, and at many other times. People could find music tracks online, download them to their MP3 player, and play these songs whenever they wanted using different features to vary their listening experience. It was enjoyable and it helped music fans get exposed to and find more artists and bands that they otherwise might not have through the radio or going out to purchase CDs or cassettes. 

The MP3 Player Is a Device of the Past

Though people do still love to use portable audio devices, it’s become much more practical to use their smartphones or even apps through their devices that they can use in their vehicles. After all, why would you want to carry around 2 or more devices when you can bring just one with you (or none at all, in the case of remote use in your car)?

Not only has the original company that created this technology lost use of its patent for MP3-related technology a few years ago, but there have been advancements in audio quality. Engineers definitely have upped their game since then and it shows in the current ways that people are accessing music. 

How Spotify Is Bridging the Gap Between New Artists and Music Fans

There’s a certain appeal that comes with streaming apps that can be customized to your unique listening tastes. In the case of Spotify, which has gained a great deal of popularity since it launched in 2008, you can discover a ton of new underground artists to love. This means that it’s a win-win for musicians to put their songs/albums on this platform as well as for listeners to broaden what they choose to put on their playlists. 

Artists are able to use demographics in order to know crucial information about their listeners. This includes ages, gender, top cities, and top countries. You can see what “Listeners Also Like”, which tells you about artists that are similar to you based on discussions and trends. There’s also a means to learn how listeners come about your music, the total streams for each individual track you have, and a chart that shows you a comparison of performance in different countries for each track. By looking through all of this, you can refine promotion of your music. 

It’s well worthwhile to have this knowledge readily available so you don’t have to put a ton of time into this research on your own or conduct your promotions blindly. This way, you also will have a greater chance of success at targeting more people who are sure to like your tunes. 

Developing a Wider Reach with Streaming Apps

Spotify and other apps are amazing when it comes to supporting music artists. Regardless of what genre it’s in and where you live, you’ll have a wide range of features that help bring you together with new fans. You might not realize this, but in some countries and at many colleges, apps like Spotify cannot be accessed easily (or at all). This is where Spotify proxies come into play. Someone can set up a proxy to an IP address where Spotify is not blocked and be able to use this service as they wish. 

The Future for Music Technology Looks Bright

It can be frustrating to not have access to music whenever and wherever you want. While the realm of entertainment content through the Internet is far from perfect, there are advancements every day. You’d do well to put your songs and albums on several platforms and keep up on the latest news and trends. Having a music career today means something a bit different then it did in past decades and you owe it to yourself to put in the work for people to find and appreciate your art.