How Do USA Online Casinos Compare to The Brick and Mortar Experience

Hollywood movies and celebrities do an excellent job of marketing Las Vegas. They depict it as a place of extreme entertainment, whether you want to gamble or visit a magic show.

And sure enough, Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. It’s where America’s extroverts and international tourists visit to splash their money. It’s a lavish city full of exotic restaurants, glamorous buildings, and magic shows anyway.

But let’s face. If your primary business for visiting Las Vegas is to play slots, poker, or blackjack, consider the online gaming experience. Don’t know what that is? Find more information below as we compare online casinos vs. land-based casinos in the US.

This is exactly the role of a Bitcoin casino review to give you a concise and fact-based evaluation of the gaming platforms, including its range of services, features, and other areas.


If you want to play online casino games, all you need is a mobile device and Internet connectivity. You don’t need to leave your house or office. You can create an account free and start to play immediately.

On the flip side, a trip to a brick and mortar casino is a hassle for many people. First, you need to arrange flight tickets or fuel your car. Then you need to book a hotel room in Las Vegas and figure out how much money you’ll carry.

Depending on your situation at home, you might need to find a safe place for your child or pet. In many cases, this means paying someone to do the job.  A few hours later, you’ll be in Las Vegas, ready to have fun. But who says the experience will be memorable?

Winner: Online Casinos. The best online casinos in the USA are effortless to find, at least when you use a review site like Creating an account is free, and you don’t need to leave your house to have fun.

Social Interactions

There was a time when online casinos were a place for the lonely. You played against computer software regardless of your preferred game. Those days are gone and for the best. Nowadays, you can play poker or roulette as you interact with croupiers and fellow players.

The bottom line: online casinos no longer isolate players. You can play slots and video poker if you’re an introvert. But you can also relish blackjack, poker, and roulette with friends.

On the other hand, land-based casinos are places to meet friends and have friends with groups of people. Most casinos even have a “circle bar” where strangers drink and socialize together. If you don’t visit the circle bar, you’ll surely interact with people at the tables.

Winner: Land-based casinos. Sure, iGaming websites have upped their game and now have a means for players to interact. But chatting through web cameras isn’t as fun as interacting with people face to face.

Games and Software Providers

Although the average Las Vegas casino offers has hundreds of games, they aren’t always easy to find. Take Bellagio Casino as an example. Built on a piece of land 155,000 square feet large, getting around to find your favorite slot can be as a hassle.

You have to walk past rows of games as you look carefully to spot a video slot you like. For clarity, the establishment has 2,300 slots, and there’s always the chance your preferred slot machine will be occupied.

Playing table games at land-based casinos feel luxurious until you realize all your competitors are professionals. They know one another by name and will often be waiting for players like you to make their profits.

On the other end, online casinos are equally loaded with slots and card games. The average website has 400+ slots and dozens of table games. Some operators offer up to 2000 games. But that’s not the best part.

The biggest advantage of online casinos is that finding games is a breeze. You have a few easy ways to do it:

  • Type a game’s name on the search bar
  • Choose your game by its software provider.
  • Pick a game from several categories.

Winner: online casinos. They have as many if not more games than brick and mortar casinos. Their games are easier to find and always available. More importantly, online slots and table games give you better odds of winning. And isn’t that the reason we all visit casinos?

Safety and Security

Both land-based and online casinos have dark pasts when it comes to security. At one time, Las Vegas casinos were operated by the mafia. Back then, players got robbed often. Customer service didn’t exist, and games were rigged.

Similarly, there was a time when gaming online wasn’t safe. That was before countries began to regulate the industry. These days, you can play casino games safely both in Las Vegas and online.

But when you think about it, online casinos are safer for gambling at over $1000. You don’t need to carry loads of cash. All you need is your debit card, an e-wallet like PayPal, or coins in your Bitcoin wallet.

When you win money at an online casino, it’s wired to your bank account conveniently. This offers more safety than when you have to leave a casino premises with your profits.

Winner: Tie. Both land-based and online casinos provide excellent security to players. In Las Vegas, there are cameras and security guards everywhere. On the Internet, you’re secured through safe banking options, data encryption techniques, and regulators.

Bonuses and Comps

Finding bonuses at online casinos is stupidly simple. Every operator is begging for your attention. So, all you need is to show interest at a website, and you’ll get bonuses. The best sites give you betting credits before you make your first deposit. They also award you offers monthly.

In Las Vegas, bonuses are not for everyone. Casinos give out comps to loyal customers and high rollers alone. The offers are usually fantastic, though. For example, you can receive free transportation through a limousine to and from local airports. You also get five-star meals and free hotel rooms.

Winner: Online casinos. You don’t need a lot of money to earn bonuses. At the best websites, these bonuses come regularly—daily, weekly, or monthly. In Las Vegas, though, you have to prove your loyalty or splurge cash to attract rewards.

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