Hidden Tool for Marketing on your Facebook Page

If you are reading this, then there is a good chance that you already know something about marketing on your Facebook page. However, if you do not, that’s okay; this blog will introduce you to a tool that will help you to.

There has been a significant paradigm shift in online business marketing over the last decade. Businesses have started paying more attention to selling on social media than e-commerce sites and rightfully so.

Facebook has been at the forefront of platforms used by both small and large scale businesses to market. The reasons are not hard to understand. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, you already have a massive market waiting for you.

However, with this huge market comes an equally massive inflow of businesses who want to take advantage of it just like you and start marketing with their Facebook page.

Therefore, as the competition deepens, marketers and business owners must strive to find the competitive edge and the tools to make them stand out from the crowd; hence, Zebrabuzz Chabot.

Just like they say, “the devil is in the details,” in most cases, the reason why you may not be doing well while marketing with your Facebook page is because of the little things you are not paying attention to.

You may have heard of chatbots at one time or the other. If what you have heard is good, Zebrabuzz is about to make it better. If it wasn’t so good or you have had a rough ride with it in the past, that is about to change!

Marketing on your Facebook Page with Zebrabuzz

A recent study by WordPlay found that 95% of people who message any online business expect a reply within the first 10 minutes.

Not replying within the first ten minutes may not bode well for your business, especially with competition flanking you. The truth is, your customers also know there is a huge competition and they can always manoeuvre to another business.

Not only will they move on to your competitors, but your business would also already have a “1-star” rating in their books. In an age where all it takes to bring down a business is one tweet from a disgruntled customer, you do not want that happening.

Therefore, you have a 10-minute window to answer all your customers and truthfully, that could prove strenuous or impossible in fact. What if you are sleeping? Or busy? You might even be online answering other customers and just have not gotten to the others.

This is where the Zebrabuzz chatbot comes in. Quite frankly, there is no limit to the number of customers it can engage with simultaneously.

Ten? Check. Hundred? Check. A million? Check. And yes, if it were possible to have every monthly user on Facebook patronising you at the same time, your chatbot will not have a problem doing that with ease.

Of course, that is not possible, but the point remains no matter the size, the Zebrabuzz chatbot can handle it.

After successfully integrating your Zebrabuzz chatbot to start marketing for you on your Facebook page, the only thing stopping it from engaging a user is that the user has not started a conversation.

Even without your customer initiating a conversation, it can by itself offer your products!

Most people believe chatbots are for large scale businesses, and that as a small or medium scale business owner, you can always hire a human agent to do the nitty-gritty of engaging customers.

While there is nothing wrong with hiring a team of representatives, the fact remains that they come with some extra “baggage.”

The cost of maintaining a Zebrabuzz account is cheap compared to that of an agent. In fact, Zebrabuzz offers free 14-Day access to all of its features!

Human representatives are not bad, but they need to be paid salaries and bonuses, and this is excluding the cost of training them. Also, what happens when they take sick leave?

What if its break time and the agents available are unable to answer all customers? It becomes worse if there is one agent or just you.

If at all, you still believe you need a human agent, having a chatbot that will be ever ready to receive your customers’ request remains important.

The bot can then direct the customer to the agent when he or she is available, but at least your customers have been attended to immediately they messaged.

This will show a commitment to customer service, which will give you a good reputation with your existing and potential customers.

Patience may be a virtue, but not everyone is blessed with it; certainly not your existing or potential customers. Customers will still expect an immediate reply at 1 O’clock in the night.

The Zebrabuzz chatbot is always available 24/7 to receive orders, sell products, answer questions, and help customers.

Some people feel having a ‘human touch’ is good for marketing, whether via the Facebook page or any other place.

Artificial intelligence is to a chatbot what a ‘human touch’ is to a human. Interestingly, less than 1% of chatbots used in marketing on Facebook page have artificial intelligence.

AI is the ability of a chatbot to simulate real-time conversations like a human. Just like you have interesting conversations with your friends sharing images, videos, emojis, GIFs, etc., Zebrabuzz can do that with your customers while marketing on your Facebook page.

With the latest machine learning features alongside natural language processing capabilities and semantic comprehension, Zebrabuzz offers a new age marketing tool that will significantly change the way you sell and interact with your customers on your Facebook page.

With the AI, your bot can have intelligent conversations with your customers and can also refer to previous conversations when chatting with a customer.

This helps to bring a more personal touch to marketing on your Facebook page.

Instead of ‘one size fits all’ messages and conversations, AI enables the Zebrabuzz to have personal conversations with each of your customers, using their data and preferences to make their experience smooth and seamless.

Machine learning allows it to learn on its own, picking new words and phrases that customers use to improve itself.

With natural language processing and natural language generation, it would be able to speak with your customers seamlessly like a human being.

If you also have a business that needs appointments to be taken, no worries, your chatbot can do it for you. It can book appointments, make reservations and offer reminders to your customers when their appointment is near.

That is not the only reminder it gives if at all a customer is unable to complete an order, the Zebrabuzz chatbot has a feature called the abandoned cart recovery reminder.

Cart abandonment has been labelled as marketers’ biggest headache. 90% of shoppers are said to leave a store without completing a purchase.

While business owners use email marketing to remind customers, the open rate is quite low, standing at just about 10% at best. This means customers usually don’t get to see them.

However, when integrated into your Facebook page, the Zebrabuzz will help you automate abandoned cart campaigns and ensure your customers complete their orders in due time.

How about the part where it boosts your sales? The goal of most businesses is to make profits, and it can more than double your sales.

A chatbot will generate quality leads for you, and you need not be told that leads mean potential customers.

While the average chatbot assures you of about 70-85% open rate, Zebrabuzz goes a step further with favourable metrics like 95% open rate compared to email marketing’s 10% meaning your business is 9X more likely to improve its sales when marketing with it on your Facebook page.

With tools such as the social poster tool, you can also take your marketing away from your Facebook page to other social media platforms or your e-commerce website if you have one.

There are other features like the comment automation tool that helps you reply to customer comments immediately they are dropped.

It can also help you hide and delete comments on your Facebook page as well as sell products via the comments section or redirect customers to where you would prefer to do so.

In conclusion, the Zebrabuzz chatbot does all you would normally do (and more) when marketing your product on the Facebook page.

However, it automates the process to make it easier on you and smoother for your customers. You can be busy with other things or simply need a break, and your business will still be running smoothly without any hiccups whatsoever.