10 Greenhouse Alternatives In 2023

Greenhouse Alternatives

This post will explain Greenhouse Alternatives.  Why we like it: Greenhouse is not just a feature-rich recruiting solution, but it also has over 300 pre-built integrations, allowing you to expand its possibilities even further. This is another applicant tracking systems.

Greenhouse Review: Greenhouse is likely the greatest ATS for the midmarket, and it’s pursuing the enterprise aggressively. Their partner network, which is braced by best-in-class APIs, authorises their clients to use third-party applications for free. Greenhouse is the starting point for about every HRTech vendor that integrates with the ATS.

10 Greenhouse Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about 10 Greenhouse Alternatives In 2023 here are the details below;

This service is used by clients such as Air BnB, Pinterest, Hubspot, and others to make data-driven hiring decisions and execute on their hiring plans.

Squarespace, Wayfair, J.D. Power, InVision, and HubSpot are among the Greenhouse customers.

  • Over 4000 businesses use greenhouse statistics
  • There are over 360 pre-built integrations in Greenhouse.

Greenhouse offers three pricing options:

  • Core features and one event are required.
  • Advanced: 10 events, custom reporting, and scalable processes.
  • Advanced: Improved CRM, better security, developer sandbox, DEI feature set, and infinite events.

The aforesaid plans’ prices aren’t known up front. To acquire a bespoke price quote based on your company’s size and demands, contact a Greenhouse sales representative. Greenhouse is best suited for medium- to large-sized businesses.

1. VidCruiter


Why do we like it?

VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is both strong and user-friendly, with over 75,000 recruiters using it. It can be bought separately or combination with other VidCruiter platform recruitment tools as needed.


  • Customers of VidCruiter have the option of purchasing specific modules or the whole recruiting suite, which includes all modules such as video interviewing, applicant tracking, talent evaluations, scheduling, and more.

Why The pre-recorded interview option on VidCruiter saves recruiting managers time and avoids schedule problems. It also gives candidates the option of recording their responses whenever they want.

  • For on-the-go access, VidCruiter enables mobile recruiting. Candidates and recruiters can use their iOS and Android mobile devices to watch pre-recorded video interviews or join live video interviews/conferences.
  • The account managers at VidCruiter are really hands-on. They’ll not only help you get started with the platform, but they’ll also assist you with additional tasks, such as tracking and conversion metrics for your targeted ad campaigns so you can track their progress.
  • VidCruiter is a bilingual hiring platform. It’s available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, and Korean for both recruiters and candidates, in addition to English.


  • A high learning curve has been reported by a few customers, and the UI takes some time to get used to. • A few users have reported intermittent video lag difficulties that aren’t related to internet connectivity.
  • VidCruiter’s skills evaluation module is a nice add-on, but it’s not as comprehensive as other point solutions in the space. It does not, for example, support high technical skill assessment.

There aren’t many pre-built integration possibilities with HRIS/Payroll systems in VidCruiter. However, VidCruiter’s team is seeking to extend its partner network, and integrations may be created in response to customer requests.

VidCruiter Review: VidCruiter’s applicant tracking system (ATS) enables you to post jobs to multiple job boards, filter your talent pool with advanced boolean search, rate & rank candidates based on quantifiable data, view real-time reports that highlight time-to-hire & other metrics, create and share branded video content, communicate with candidates via their preferred method of communication, and more.

Each aspect of the recruiting funnel is totally configurable, which is one of its key differentiators. To hire police and fire dispatchers, one of their clients had a 98-step recruitment process!

VidCruiter is a solution worth looking into if you’re looking for a system that can handle video interviews, skills tests, scheduling, text recruiting, and more in addition to applicant tracking.

Customers of VidCruiter include Lowe’s, Lionsgate, Samsung, the Bears, US Foods, and the United Nations.

  • Over 75,000 recruiters have used VidCruiter.
  • VidCruiter can cut the time it takes for customers to employ by up to 80%.

VidCruiter Pricing: The expense of VidCruiter’s services is confined by the frequency of hiring. For a patronage price quote, contact VidCruiter’s Sales team.

VidCruiter is best suited for medium to large-scale businesses.

2. Freshteam


Why do we like it?

Freshteam is a comprehensive HR suite that is adored by businesses of all sizes. It is owned by Freshworks, a provider of all kinds of business solutions that are economical yet on pace with the market’s best offers.


  • Freshteam has a very user-friendly interface that is simple to browse. It has a Kanban-style view of the entire hiring process, from initial contact through offer delivery. Why Freshteam is economical for SMBs to utilise while still offering a feature set equal to more expensive alternatives. Customers can pick from four different options, starting with the free plan and upgrading as their business expands.


  • While Freshteam offers a free-for-ever plan for small businesses, the plan is limited in features and only allows for three job listings to be published. Freshteam’s paid plans, on the other hand, are relatively reasonable, and small organisations may use them without breaking the bank if they need to. Freshteam might not be the best fit for businesses and agencies who need advanced applicant tracking, talent sourcing, and relationship management capabilities.

Freshteam is a user-friendly HR suite that includes features like as applicant tracking, candidate screening, hiring, onboarding, time-off management, employee-information management, and more all on one platform. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

Freshteam helps you attract top talent for your available roles by providing a personalised career site, connectivity with several job boards, and social media platforms. After receiving applicant applications, your recruiting staff can begin screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and exchanging feedback with all parties involved. Freshteam’s recruiting funnel, which you can design to reflect all stages of your hiring process, makes it simple to keep track of all of this activity.

University of Pennsylvania, Daimler, SAP, Nissan, and JCDecaux are among Freshteam’s clients.


Statistics: • 5000+ firms use it • 4000+ employees worldwide


  • Growth: $1 per employee per month + $59 platform fee per month billed annually • Pro: $2 per employee per month + $99 platform fee per month billed annually • Enterprise: $4 per employee per month + $169 platform fee per month paid yearly

Freshteam is best suited for enterprises of all sizes.

3. Recruitee


Why we like it: Recruitee’s applicant tracking system is not just feature-rich, but also cost-effective and scalable. Before making any commitments, you may try it out for free for up to 18 days.


  • Pro: Customers love Recruitee because it’s so simple to use. The bulk of them are able to quickly implement and begin using the software.
  • Pro: Recruitee has a kanban-style recruiting pipeline that can be customised. Companies can add as many phases to the pipeline as they require, and candidates can easily go through them.
  • Pro: Recruitee has certain systems in place to reduce hiring prejudice. You can, for example, set the permission level for your interviewers to prohibit them from seeing one other’s scores for the same candidate. They won’t be influenced by one other’s opinions in this way.


  • Con: Several features advertised on Recruitee’s feature list, such as skill assessments, onboarding, video interviewing, and e-signatures, are not built into Recruitee and are only available through integration with third-party tools, which can be hoodwinking to potential users, especially if this is their first ATS.
  • Con: Several users complained that the Recruitee’s reporting feature is limited and, at times, inaccurately retrieves data.
  • Con: Recruitee’s support personnel has been criticised for being sluggish to reply and, at times, unable to resolve issues.
  • Con: For a solution aimed for small enterprises, it lacks a free plan that firms that are just starting started with ATSs can use for as long as they need, with no time limits. This is a con because other competitors in this market offer free-forever plans with similar feature sets to Recruitee, putting it slightly behind the competition in terms of user satisfaction.

Recruitee Review: Recruitee is a collaborative and user-friendly applicant tracking system (ATS) that is ideal for small and medium-sized organisations looking to grow their staff while also promoting their employer brands. It helps you locate the ideal individuals by providing paid adverts, customisable career sites, a kanban-style recruiting funnel, and employee referral programmes. Video interviews, talent tests, offer management, and onboarding are not built into Recruitee directly, but third-party integrations are available.

One of the specialities that stood out to us was the fact that Recruitee’s team devotes a disproportionate amount of labour to design, demonstrating how much they value user experience. As a result, a uncomplicated application was created to allow recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate.

Customers who have been recruited include Taco Bell, Staples, Toyota, TNT, and Rakuten.

Recruitee Pricing: Recruitee offers three pricing categories, each of which begins with a free 18-day trial. Those tiers cost the following when invoiced annually:

  • The launch package starts at $185 per month and includes all of the necessary recruitment tools.
  • Lead is shown on a custom pricing basis & adds additional services such as compliance to Scale’s feature set. • Scale starts at $334 per month and adds automation and optimization capabilities to Launch’s feature set.

Recruitee’s plans are suitable for businesses of all sizes.

4. ClearCompany


This is another applicant tracking systems. Why we like it: ClearCompany is a one-stop shop for all types of enterprise-grade human resources software. You can use their ATS in conjunction with onboarding, performance management, employee engagement, and workforce planning. Also check Field Management Service

ClearCompany Review: Among their 2,000+ customers, ClearCompany’s ATS boasts a 99 percent customer retention rate. This is due in part to excellent customer service (as reported by consumers we spoke with), as well as a comprehensive feature set that includes video interviews, scheduling, a career portal, recommendations, and more.

Their recruiting software is coupled with a sophisticated HCM package (onboarding, HRIS, performance management, etc.) that allows employers to see insights across the whole employee lifecycle. Imagine being able to use information about where top achievers originated from to help you with your recruiting efforts!

Chick-fil-A, AEP Energy, AxiomBank, Bios, FlixBrewHouse, Goodwill, and Halco are among ClearCompany’s clients.

  • 2K+ clients • 1M+ total users • 96 percent employee approval rating ClearCompany stats

ClearCompany Pricing: ClearCompany’s plans are not priced on their website. To acquire a price quote tailored to your company’s size and demands, contact their sales team.

ClearCompany is ideally suited for medium and large-sized companies.

5. Teamtailor


Why we like it: We like Teamtailor because it not only has all of the capabilities you’d expect from an ATS, but it also has built-in employer branding tools. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.


  • Pro: Teamtailor’s ATS has a powerful and user-friendly career site builder. It works with drag and drop, so no coding skills are required.
  • Pro: Teamtailor supports a number of tools that promote diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI), such as anonymous hiring, EEO surveys, and so on.
  • Pro: Teamtailor is praised for its user-friendliness. Posting and promoting jobs on their platform is a breeze.
  • Pro: This solution comes with extensive and easy-to-understand help material.


  • Con: Teamtailor’s analytics are useful, but business clients must use BI Connectors to create the reports they require. You can’t use data from the system right now. This is especially crucial for businesses with 500 or more employees, as well as those with many sites or franchisees.
  • Con: Recruiters can’t view their cost per hiring in analytics, which is a critical measure.
  • Con: While they offer HRIS connectors, onboarding, and other features, they have shifted their focus to just being a great ATS.
  • Con: There are established user access levels, but you cannot define your own, which is significant, especially for large organisations.

Teamtailor Review: Teamtailor is a cloud based applicant tracking system with a variety of features to help businesses find & hire the best people. What drew our attention was their innovative approach to talent acquisition, which places a strong emphasis on how your company delivers itself to potential employees. Recruitment teams can use the platform to create appealing career sites, market to specific talent demographics via landing pages and talent pools, and use tools like text recruiting, referrals, nurturing campaigns, and more.

Customers of Teamtailor: Kry, Goodbye Kansas, Vitamin Well, and Ponsse

Statistics on Teamtailor: There are 170,000 people and 4000 organisations who utilise Teamtailor.

Teamtailor provides a single pricing plan that contains all features and allows for an infinite number of members. To receive a personalised estimate, contact a Teamtailor sales representative. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

Teamtailor is best suited for mid and big businesses.

6. Manatal


Why do we like it?

Manatal not only has most of the features you’d expect from a low-cost ATS, but it also adds AI-powered features like candidate filtering and recommendations. This is another applicant tracking systems. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.


  • Manatal is reasonably priced, and it offers a 15-day free trial for people to try it out before committing.
  • Manatal is a simple programme to use. It has pipelines that can be dragged and dropped.
  • The AI-based suggestions tool on Manatal can save hiring managers a lot of time. It can scan job descriptions, then search a user’s talent pool to find the best candidates for the job.


  • According on user feedback, the AI recommendations tool works best with resumes written in English and is less accurate with resumes written in other languages. Several users have also expressed dissatisfaction with Manatal’s UI, which is only available in English, and the fact that career pages can only be produced in English and Spanish.
  • Manatal does not provide a no-cost plan. We note this as a disadvantage because several SMB-focused ATSs offer a free-forever version, putting Manatal at a disadvantage.
  • There are no pre-built integration modules available from Manatal. They do have an open API that authorises customers to integrate third-party products and bespoke tools, although this took a little more time and technical know-how to implement. It’s also worth noting that Manatal’s API and Zapier connection are only available to Custom plan clients. Customers with the Professional and Enterprise plans are unable to do so.
  • Users can use Boolean Search or Advanced Search to find candidates, but they can’t do both at the same time. Within Manatal’s Advanced Search tab, for example, users are unable to use the Boolean search operators (AND, OR, and NOT).

Manatal Review: Manatal is an AI powered applicant tracking solution that assists HR departments and recruitment agencies in finding and hiring the best candidates. You may use it to establish a custom-branded career page, publish jobs to several job boards, and accept applications from candidates. You can also upload candidate profiles and have data from their social media accounts automatically added to them. This is another applicant tracking systems.

Manatal’s configurable recruiting pipeline, resume processing capabilities, and AI-based applicant recommendations are appealing to us. It also includes customisable analytics dashboards for tracking key metrics, a mobile app for access on the move, and a chrome extension with reasonable functionality for connecting with and saving individuals who match your job needs. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.


Manatal is used in more than a hundred countries. Unilever, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Ogilvy, and Toyota are among their clients.

Manatal Pricing: Manatal offers two fixed-price programmes. They cost the following when billed annually:

  • Professional: For up to 15 jobs per account and 10,000 candidates, this plan costs $15 per user each month. Customers on this package can invite as many guests as they want.
  • Enterprise: This package costs $35 per user each month and includes unlimited jobs, candidates, and guests per account.
  • “Users” refers to people who have complete, unfettered access to Manatal’s platform and functionality, such as recruiters and HR professionals who use the programme on a regular basis.
  • “Guests” refers to people like hiring managers and decision-makers who have been invited to collaborate on the platform through a special portal. These visitors have free access to the site and are not counted among the billable users.

Manatal is utilised by businesses of various sizes and in a variety of industries, however it’s worth mentioning that the majority of their clients are SMEs.

7. Avature


Why do we like it?

Avature is a robust platform that combines ATS and CRM functionalities. One of its most useful advantages is the ability to personalise procedures for both recruiters and candidates, ensuring that everyone has a positive experience. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

Avature Review: Avature’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is completely configurable to your talent acquisition team’s specific processes and goals. To put it another way, you may create your own hiring workflows for large volume, executive, and anything in between. You may create custom dashboards, automate workflows, and take use of the capabilities of an all-in-one ATS and CRM. Furthermore, you can perform all of this using a no-code interface that allows non-technical individuals to make changes to the system (with lots of permissioning in place). This may be overkill for small businesses, but Avature is a powerful applicant tracking system used by corporations like Siemens, Cisco, Tesla, L’Oreal, and Nike.

Shell, Cisco, L’Oréal, Mondelez, Siemens, and KPMG are among Avature’s clients.

Avature statistics: • Avature is used by approximately 650 firms, with 110 Fortune 500 companies among its customers.

Avature Pricing: Avature’s plan pricing isn’t stated up front. To acquire a custom price quote based on your company’s size and demands, contact an Avature sales representative. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

Best For: Avature is best for businesses.

8. SmartRecruiters


Why do we like it?

SmartRecruiters’ enterprise-grade talent acquisition portfolio includes solutions for candidate sourcing, assessment, and engagement, as well as native collaboration and AI technologies, in addition to applicant tracking. This is another applicant tracking systems. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.


  • SmartRecruiters offers a built-in candidate assessment and skill testing module that helps you to anticipate cultural fit, future performance, and retention without having to integrate third-party solutions. With SmartRecruiters’ DocuSign connection, you can design offer letter templates, distribute them with successful applicants, and collect their e-signature from any device.
  • When it comes to integrations, SmartRecruiters has over 500 pre-built connectors with HR solutions and job boards. If SmartRecruiters doesn’t integrate with products in your tech stack, you may also ask the team to build additional integrations for you.


  • The price structure of SmartRecruiters is opaque. To acquire a quote, interested users must go through the sales team. Users are also untrained to create their own trial accounts.
  • Users have observed a steep learning curve and that getting used to the UI takes some time. Some users have also complained about the system’s slowness and flaws.
  • The data retrieval feature in the reporting feature isn’t always accurate. Some customers have also unleashed dissatisfaction with the report customization and KPI tracking capabilities.
  • The ability to filter candidates is severely limited. At the moment, only the most basic options are available, such as degree, location, gender, and so on.

SmartRecruiters Review: SmartRecruiters’ applicant tracking system (ATS) is ideal for larger organisations trying to recruit, engage, and hire top talent. With customisable career pages, targeted ad campaigns, and job post distribution to numerous job boards, their technology allows you to cast a wide net. They also provide features for evaluating candidates and managing offers. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

We’ve listened from a number of practitioners that SmartRecruiters is fantastic at absorbing consumer input and quickly incorporating it into the platform. Simply put, SmartRecruiters is worth looking into if you’re seeking for an enterprise-grade solution that covers all of your applicant tracking needs and then some (CRM, AI screening, and recruitment marketing).

Ikea, Visa, LinkedIn, Equinox, and Skechers are among SmartRecruiters’ clients.

  • 166 percent more applications • 63 percent faster response time • 59 percent more time spent on relationship building according to SmartRecruiters


SmartRecruiters’ cost isn’t stated up front. To receive a personalised estimate, contact a sales representative.

Best For

SmartRecruiters is a tool that can be utilised by companies of all sizes

9. iCIMS


This is another applicant tracking systems. Why we like it: In this field, iCIMS is a behemoth. iCIMS’ Talent Cloud includes comprehensive tools that will help you manage candidates throughout their lifespan. It is designed for major enterprises with a global presence. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

iCIMS Review: iCIMS is a pioneer in the SaaS industry. They’ve grown into an enterprise provider, helping a community of 4,300 customers, including 40 percent of the Fortune 100, speed transformation. With the acquisition of TextRecruit in 2018 & a constantly evolving product roadmap, they are a market leader in the ATS field.

Ulta, Target, Microsoft, PwC, Uber, and UPS are among the iCIMS clients.


The costs of iCIMS’ proposals aren’t revealed up front. To receive a personalised estimate, contact a sales representative.

Best For

Enterprises are the ideal fit for iCIMS.

10. BreezyHR


Why we like it: If you’re a small business looking to get started with ATSs, Breezy is a good place to start. Breezy’s user-friendly and intuitive design makes it easier to find, manage, and recruit applicants. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.


  • Breezy includes video interviewing and offer management features. • Breezy is fairly simple to use. Hiring managers can organise interviews, video chat with candidates, issue offer letters, and collect e-signatures without having to integrate it with third-party applications. • Breezy’s solution is fairly reasonable, with a free plan with limited capability. • Their recruitment pipelines are drag & drop enabled, and you don’t need coding experience to construct and manage your job site.


  • A number of users have reported issues and system crashes. • Several users have stated that Breezy’s customer service is sluggish to reply, and that the reporting feature lacks customizability and at times displays erroneous data. • Breezy doesn’t go beyond offering administration by delivering onboarding tools, although it does integrate with several HRISs that do.

This is another applicant tracking systems. BreezyHR Review: Breezy’s ATS is user-friendly and cheap. It enables you to create a no-code career site to promote your employer brand, publish openings to more than 50 job boards to reach a large pool of prospects, and receive recommendations from employees and other connections. Once you’ve received your applications, you can start tracking them through your personalised recruitment pipeline and dragging and dropping them between phases. Breezy also has scheduling, video interviewing, and offer management tools, which is outstanding for an SMB service. This is another Greenhouse Alternatives.

Customers of BreezyHR include T-Mobile, Loreal, Docebo, Shipt, and Cameo.

BreezyHR offers four pricing options:

  • Bootstrap: This plan is completely free and includes all of the essentials for a single position or pool.
  • Startup: This $143-per-month Startup package promises to improve your hiring experience.
  • Growth: The Growth plan costs $249 per month and is designed for growing teams.
  • Business: Designed for larger companies that need more sophisticated hiring tools and setups. The monthly cost of this plan is $399.

Best For

Breezy is suitable for all businesses, regardless of their size or sector.