Features to look for While buying Wi-Fi routers

Of late, you can find different types of Wi-Fi routers available in the market according to your business requirements. While buying Wi-Fi routers, you should focus on every factor before making your final decision. Are you planning to buy a Wi-Fi router in the coming days? If yes is your answer, then you should be aware of the vital features to look for while buying Wi-Fi routers.

Smartphone App

Make sure your chosen Wi-Fi router includes a smartphone app that can help in controlling your router from anywhere on the internet easily without any hassle. By using this app, you would be able to view the router working state and easily manage the vital features whenever you want to for your needs. It also helps in saving your precious time and efforts for sure.

Smart-home integration

Many people prefer using smart sensors and devices in their workplaces or homes. To handle them smoothly, it would be better for you to buy a Wi-Fi router which is mainly integrated with task automation services and Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant. It would help your devices and apps work smoothly in a better way. If your Wi-Fi router has a feature of smart-home integration, then you would be able to control it through your voice commands and perform several things like disable or enable the Guest Wi-Fi and also turn off your LEDs on your Wi-Fi router without any issues at all.

Antivirus, VPN, firewall 

You would be glad by knowing that many Wi-Fi routers provide great advanced features to the users which include antivirus, VPN, firewall and several security features that can help in protecting your Wi-Fi network from outside attacks and malware. You can also find such features on weak hardware routers, but they cannot run smoothly. If you are looking for advanced features like the VPN servicer to perform well, then you should avoid buying cheap AC1200 wireless router with low-end hardware. Make sure you are going for an expensive and better quality router with lots of RAM and powerful hardware.


The router position is vital for fast connectivity. Even if you are going for the expensive router, but the router placement is at the wrong place, then you would never get the right signals. Always take the help of power line adapters to increase the connectivity for a better experience. If you are working from home, then you need better connectivity, high speed and security for sure. In this case, choosing the perfect router matters a lot for hassle-free working without any problem.

Third-Party Reviews

Last, but not least, you must go through the third party reviews before proceeding further. By going through this review here, you would be able to judge better about the router performance for sure. There will be several buyers who have used this product before that you are going to purchase and can give you useful advice on what to consider and what to ignore.


The process of buying a Wi-Fi router is an easy task by following all the above-mentioned points. You should note that all routers do not have all the features. Some offer high speed and some are simple to use. At last, the choice is yours by considering your overall needs!