Introduction to Doxygen Alternatives In 2021


Doxygen is the software application for developing paperwork from illustrated C++ sources, but other programming languages like C, C#, Objective-C, UNO/OpenOffice, PHP, Java, IDL of Corba, Python, and Microsoft, VHDL, Fortran are also supported. From a collection of recorded source files, user can develop an HTML online documents web browser and an offline referral manual. It also offers compressed HTML, PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, and Unix pages to generate output. The documentation is clearly originated from the sources, making it much easier to keep the source code compatible with the documents. However, there are fascinating flaws in this toll. So here is a listing of numerous alternatives for Doxygen

Introduction to Doxygen Alternatives In 2021

In this article, you can know about Doxygen here are the details below;

 Let us go over a list of Doxygen Alternatives.

 1. Sphinx

Sphinx is an open-source full-text search server, constructed with simpleness for performance, significance search quality, and combination. Sphinx makes both batch index & database search data, SQL database, NoSQL storage, etc

. It offers Output formats like plain text, HTML with Windows HTML Help, LaTeX, Texinfo, ePub, manual pages, etc. Sphinx permits Extensive cross-references for automatic links of classes, functions, glossary terms, citations, and comparable pieces of information along with semantic markup. It likewise has a Hierarchical structure which includes an easy document tree description with automatic connection to siblings, moms and dads, and children

It provides Automatic indices for both the basic index and the language-specific indices of the module. Sphinx has a Code managing capability in which is provides automated highlighting with the help of the Pygments highlighter. Also check best marketing plan software.

 2. MkDocs.

It is static website generator software application. User can get Extensions such as automated testing for code. It also consists of docstrings from Python modules, and so on

. User can host complete fixed HTML websites on Amazon S3, GitHub, etc. There’s a stack of styles offered that looks excellent. The built-in dev-server allows the user to sneak peek, as it has been written on documentation. Whenever users save modifications, it will likewise auto-reload and refresh the tab. MkDocs is a tool in the Tech Stack group of search engines.

 3. Gitbook.

It is a standard paperwork system where all products, APIs, and internal understanding bases can be tape-recorded by teams. It’s a platform for users to believe and track concepts. Gitbook is a tool in an innovation stack in the Documentation as a Service & Tools area.

 4. Confluence.

Confluence is a tool in the innovation stack category of project management. In Confluence, it is easy to capture the details which is often lost in email inboxes and shared network drives due to the fact that it is easy to browse, update, as well as use.

 5. Swagger io.

Swagger io is a software application In the Documentation as a Service & Tools department of a technology stack. It is an open-source tool. Swagger io is an independent set of Javascript, CSS, and HTML tools from a Swagger-compliant API that dynamically produces paperwork and sandbox.

 6. DocX.

DocX is an open-source tool in the Tech Stack group of NuGet Packages. DocX is a.NET library that helps developers to quickly manipulate Microsoft Word files. DocX is quickly, and easy and does not need the installation of Microsoft Word or Office. 19 bug fixes and improvements are introduced in v1.5.0 and are provided under the Xceed Software Inc Community License.

 7. ApiGen.

It is the service for developing expert API documents from PHP source code. Assistance for PHP 5.3 namespaces, bundles, paperwork links, cross-reference to basic PHP classes and general documents, advancement of highlighted source code, and speculative assistance for PHP 5.4 features is offered by ApiGen.

 8. Sandcastle.

By concentrating on the source assemblies and additionally incorporating XML Documentation Comments, Sandcastle produces precise, MSDN style, in-depth documents. The highlights of Sandcastle are it can Functions with or without remarks from authors and it Supports.NET and Generics.

 9. Codex.

Codex is an easy Markdown paperwork platform based upon files and established on top of Laravel. To construct stunning documentation, it’s absolutely personalized and extremely easy to use. It supports Laravel 4.2-4., github-flavored Markdown, code Highlighting, It can Host an infinite number of guides with variations supporting them. It has other functions like Friendly URLs for SEO, Simple TOC/ system for navigation, Quick and Easy Searching, Theme provided built on Bootstrap, Google Analytics supports, etc. Also check best digital signage software.

 10. is a documents designer which produces custom-made documents on the spot utilizing a standard folder structure and Markdown files. In a developer-friendly method, it helps user develop incredible documents.


In this post, we have seen various Doxygen options in addition to their functions. You can select any of them based upon your requirements. I hope you will discover this short article useful.