Download Spotify Music To Mp3 With The Ukeysoft Spotify Music Converter [Review]

In this digital age, almost everything is working in our favor, and if not, there are enough platforms to create such opportunities. For every music lovers, now is the time to put a smile on your face and be thankful to UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter through which you can easily download music from Spotify to mp3 or other formats easily and listen to it once you are free. Spotify is undeniably the largest river in service globally, and it has more than a hundred million premier users.

Also, it is worth mentioning that it has the largest collection of music and even offers free advertisement base models to the users so that they can listen to their favorite songs uninterruptedly. Even the users do not have to pay for the subscription, and it provides DRM security to more than 30 million songs. With this music converter, the user can effortlessly remove DRM protection from the songs and download them converting as per the desired format. Let us also learn about some of its incredible features and other prerequisites in this article.

System Requirements

Operating System (For Windows)– Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit)

(For Mac)– macOS 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12, 10.13, 10.14 & 10.15

Processor – 1GHz processor or more

RAM – 512MB or higher of RAM

Support Languages English, Chinese, Japanese, Espanol, French, and Deutsch

Download and Convert Spotify Music to MP3/M4A/WAV/FLAC


 The UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is a specially designed program supporting the Spotify users to download the songs over 30 million DRM-ed from any of its formats. The users can freely download the music for windows as well as Mac versions. It can be done in the below-mentioned steps.

How to Download Spotify Music To Mp3 for Free with UkeySoft?

 Step 1- Register the UkeySoft Spotify music converter

For this, you have to download and install the music converter on your PC or Mac, and it can be done simply from the official website. After the successful installation, it will be launched automatically, and prior to the use, you have to register yourself to this converter.  The free trial version allows you convert the first 3 minutes of each Spotify songs, so you can try out all the powerful features, and if you wish to use it further, then purchase the software.

Step 2- Launch the Spotify music converter soon after installation. The Spotify application will launch automatically, then log in your Spotify account, whether free or premium.

Step 3 Now you have to add the Spotify songs for albums to the converter. For this, you can simply drag and drop them to the software interface. Or you can just copy-paste the reliable links in the “search bar”.

Step 4 Now you have to choose the songs that you have to convert at for this you have to click ‘Add’.


You can see all selected songs loaded into the converter,  all original ID3 tags such as artwork, name, album, artist will be display.



Step 5 Once it is done, you have to choose the output format for the sounds, and for this, navigate through the features and available formats. in case you don’t change the settings then it will convert to MP3 by default also so you can freely modify the sample rate or bitrate prior to the conversion

  • For the Windows version, it will easily help you download and convert Spotify songs up to 5X faster speed.



Step 6You have to go to the options, and the default output folder will appear on the screen. Once it is displayed, you have to change its setting and select the folder to save the converted album.

Step 7- After changing the settings, you have to click the ‘convert’ button to convert the songs to MP3 format at high speed without losing quality.



When the conversion of songs is complete, you have to click on history to locate the songs and transfer them to your device for offline listening.

And you are done, in a few simple steps it is possible to download mp3s from Spotify music converter for free, and you can even listen to them offline for free.

Installing the program on Mac

To initiate the installation process of the UkeySoft Spotify music converter, you have to download the version available for Mac at first. Now click on the icon so that you can run the program and register yourself on it. It is important to know that the free version of the program only gives you a minimum of 3 minutes of the conversion for every music or audio file. To convert full songs, you have to get the registration done. The process for this installation follows as-

  • Launch the application in the same way as you have done before and click on the icon to launch Spotify at the same time.
  • Import the playlist or album from your library and drag and drop them from the converter. You can even copy them in the search bar.
  • Now the process will follow exactly like the above installation where you have to take care of the icons, format, and other settings.

Preserve the metadata info and ID3 tags

Using this Spotify music converter, the user can convert Spotify to MP3 format and preserve the audio quality. In addition to it, this also allows the user to modify the bitrate and sample rate for the output music, and the most incredible assistance is seen in preserving metadata tags.

The tax cover songs, album, artwork, artist, track number, genre, and various other instances in the output song. These entire features make UkeySoft is the most desirable music converter and an ideal choice for the users who are looking for some exciting plans for road tests while enjoying the uninterrupted and all-time favorite music.

The features

 There is a lot to know about Spotify music to mp3 converter features, and you might be wondering what it includes then follow through the below-mentioned features to have a better understanding of the same.

  • Remove DRM from Spotify music playlist or albums- in case you are not familiar with the Spotify DRM; it refers to a dynamic security system. Removal of this protection is one of the most significant milestones of this program. Transferring the songs of the playlist from one device to another cannot be said as a crime, and with the help of a UkeySoft music converter, the user can easily get rid of the DRM protection system.
  • Easily convert music to MP3, MP4, WAV, FLAC- this is one of the highlight features of this program in which whenever the user goes through the software solutions, they can easily use its conversion feature. This helps them perform a conversion between Spotify music to any converter like MP4, MP3, and many more easily avoiding all the issues. In case the user does not want MP3 as per the desired format, then they can ok for other conversion modes, also making the experience much easier. This is supported by the Spotify music downloader.
  • Preserve the metadata in phone and ID3 tags- sometimes, the user finds the requirement of ID tag essential because they contain all the information regarding the music. Without these detailed tags, the user can easily lose the information available in the collection.
  • Offline access to music- after launching the music converter on your device, Spotify application will automatically get installed. The user can easily drag and drop albums, songs of the playlist to convert Spotify to mp3 and various other modes. It is also accessible to right-click the song of the playlist to copy its URL and paste in the converter adds a bar of Spotify music. The user can add as many songs they like and click on the convert button to download and convert them to the required format.
  • Lossless music mp3 free at 5X conversion- nothing is as disappointing as listening to your favorite music or album and realizing that the entire process of conversion has resulted in the loss of data and, eventually, poor audio quality. The UkeySoft music converter has the efficiency in retaining the audio quality, and while downloading the music from Spotify, it can run at 5X faster speed and allow the users to add multiple songs for batch conversion rather than monotonously selecting or processing the songs.
  • Burn Spotify music to CD- this program supports the burning of CD directly from converted songs through one click. The user has to insert any blank CD and click upon the share button after choosing ‘burn CD’ and start the process. The user is also allowed to share the converted songs to their friends and share it via email.
  • Download Spotify songs to mp3 on all devices- once you have converted to songs, it is possible to listen to them without the application. But other than this, there is another feature in which the user can easily listen to the songs on any device in offline mode.
  • Download the songs with a free account- one of the most essential features of Spotify music converter is that this program supports offline music even with a free account. The user can easily download MP3 songs from this program effortlessly, even if they have a free account.
  • UkeySoft Spotify music converter for Windows or Mac- this program also allows users to download music from Spotify to other formats even if they have Spotify premium or not. The other vital feature is that it is extremely easy to use, and users can easily download their favorite tracks and play them offline within a few minutes. Any other DRM locked instance will be available as soon as it allows for the conversion in other formats.


The UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is priced at $39.95 for a single license or 1 user. There is generally a $10 off all the time. If not, the usual price is $49.95. This is valid for a lifetime, and you are assured of regular updates. The family license is priced at $79.95, where you can use up to 5 PCs/Macs.


  • Very easy to use.
  • Spotify oriented features.
  • Extreme value for money.
  • You can convert any type of songs and as many you want.


  • No mobile version.

The bottom line

 The UkeySoft Spotify Music Converter is definitely a simple and easy to use software program which has an intuitive and neat UI for the users. It is one of the best and reliable converters that support all the formats for audio conversion along with the option to burn CDs. At the same time, users can easily download or add songs to the converter for online support.