Do You Need Cut-Scenes in Online Games?

Storytelling in single-player games could be built in two major ways: cut-scenes or gameplay. If the second way doesn’t raise any doubts, cut-scenes have both opponents and supporters:

  • Opponents say that long cut-scenes deprive the game of dynamism and tension. The player relaxes and his interest wanes.
  • Supporters claim the exact opposite, saying that such respite is a kind of reward for the player. They give him time to rest and mobilize his forces.

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What Are Cut-Scenes in Online Games

Cinematic, animated, or graphic cut-scenes in games where the story unfolds regardless of the player’s actions are called cut-scenes. The player at this moment does not perform any actions but only looks at the displayed events.

What Is the Purpose of Cut-Scenes

Animated cut-scenes play the role of a narrative, leading the player to certain events or explaining to him the significance of certain game objects. They act as the voice of the author, who tells the player some story.

How the Approach to Cut-Scenes Has Changed

  • Such breaks in the game appeared relatively recently, in 1980, in the game Pac-Man. However, they could not get a large distribution due to the fact that the animated content took up too much memory. Not every user could afford to buy advanced equipment. Game consoles that were common in the 1980s were not designed for such voluminous game elements.
  • In the 1990s, thanks to Sony’s PlayStation, things changed dramatically, giving gamers a lot more storage space. Now, game developers could experiment with cut-scenes as much as they wanted. They actively began to use such techniques, offering games to the market with a different ratio of gameplay and cut-scenes.
  • In the late 1990s, it became possible to use real-time cut-scenes thanks to in-engine cinematic. This approach quickly gained popularity among the players and became the main one in the production of computer games. It has survived to this day and the pre-rendered video has gone down in history.

Controversy Over Necessity of Cut-Scenes

  • Opponents of cut-scenes say that one of the main reasons for the popularity of video games is that players like to control their characters and create their destiny. In the moments of cut scenes, they seem to lose control. The story the camera tells them unfolds regardless of their wishes.
  • Defenders of cut-scenes argue that, on the contrary, it gives the player an idea of ​​Fate or Providence, which is higher than a person and does not always listen to his desires. It is thanks to this Presence and independent Destiny that the game becomes more interesting.

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