Devices that You Should Have for Good Hunting

A good hunting trip does not solely rely on just having good instincts and a good rifle. Take advantage of the advances in hunting innovations that are readily available to you at your local hunting store. Having the best long-range rifle scopes, a GPS device, or just simple hunting socks that are waterproof goes a long way in the success of your hunting trips.

Also, consider the weather when heading out to hunt so you could pre-determine just the exact devices you and your hunting party will need when out in the wilderness. Remember that there is something like being over-prepared in hunting and you wouldn’t want to be lugging around extra stuff you will not need, as this slows you down and lowers any success you might have. On the other hand, bring less than you need and it can be just as bad. Realizing that you don’t have the things you need mid-trip would not get you any favors.

The following is a comprehensive list of the most useful devices you would want to have when out on hunting trips.

A Reliable Rifle Scope

Right after your rifle, the next essential tool is your rifle scope. Your scope gives you that one shot, one kill efficiency a military sniper has. Scopes magnify your target so you can get a better view and feel of when to pull the trigger.

Choosing your Scope

1.      If you shoot targets within the 100-yard range, get a scope that has a magnification of 1-4x.

2.      If you shoot targets up to 200 yards away, get a magnification of between 5-8x.

3.      Shooting targets beyond 200 yards away? Get 9-12x magnification.

GPS Device

Getting back from your hunting trips is just as important as getting a kill. To securely know the way back, there are a lot of GPS devices you could buy at your local hunting store. The woods or any hunting ground can be tough to navigate especially on days with less than favorable conditions and having a GPS device is your insurance that you and your mates get home to enjoy your prized hunt trophies.

Satellite Phone

Multiple-day hunting trips you go on present communication challenges. The satellite phone negates the possibility of you not being able to contact home-base or the authorities when you get into any sort of trouble. Vast rural areas where you go hunting have little to no phone signal and there is always the chance that you encounter a problem or two. Satellite phones let you contact emergency services in case you run into trouble.

Water Filtration Kit

Whether it be a water filter straw, water purifying tablets, or a multi-layer water filter you made yourself, a water filtration kit is important when tapping into natural water sources like streams and ponds. These devices assure you of clean, potable drinking water no matter how long or deep you are in the backcountry.

Solar-powered Mobile Phone Charger

Bringing the most high-tech sat phone or GPS device will not matter if you can’t charge and power them for days! Just remember to charge all devices before your trip and leave out your solar charger in the sun and you are good to go.

Electronic Scent Eliminator

These devices are as effective as traditional techniques like smearing yourself with deer piss without making you smell like the game you’re trying to hunt. These devices destroy your signature scent making you virtually invisible to whatever you are hunting.

Secure these devices and have a safer time in the wilderness with your hunting buddies.