Top 35 Best Desk Booking Software In 2024

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Best Desk Booking Software will be discussed this article. To help you manage your hybrid office and team, we’ve researched the top 35 free hot desk booking software of 2024. See our reviews in the section below. To help you manage your hybrid office and team, we’ve researched the top 35 free hot desk booking software of 2024. See our reviews in the section below.

Top 35 Best Desk Booking Software In 2024

In this article, you can know about Desk Booking Software here are the details below;

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Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in how businesses operate.

Fortunately, the days of having a fixed office and having workers work nine to five, five days a week, are over. Welcome to the age of hybrid remote work.

Even more so than full-time office workers, hybrid models are currently the most popular, according to Gallup study from 2023.

With the use of hot desk booking software, hybrid office management is made easier, from simply scheduling meeting spaces and desks to making sure the proper individuals arrive on time to foster the best possible teamwork.

Check out our in-depth guide on hybrid offices to learn more about how to make the most of your workspace.

Top 12 Hot Desk Booking Software in 2024

Although we frequently experience software overload, hot desk booking systems present a viable solution for enhancing remote work and virtual workspaces.

This program addresses office space management expenses and efforts while improving worker engagement and productivity.

Which platform or software, then, best meets your needs?

Not to worry! I considered all the choices and have listed the advantages and disadvantages of each platform below.

Based on the data available in January 2024, these rank our top 11:

1: Tactic


Tactic’s state-of-the-art platform makes it easy for your team to move between in-office and remote work settings.

You may access an extensive toolkit in one location when you use Tactic. It’s simple for your staff to schedule meeting spaces, desks, and to keep track of who’s in the office.

Tactic also offers real-time statistics on office space utilization, which can help you gain important insights into how your team uses the workplace on a regular basis. With Tactic, manage your flexible workplace in a more astute and effective manner.

Main Features:

  • Desk Booking: In a flexible and hybrid work environment, Tactic’s Desk Booking feature enables staff members to reserve certain office desks, guaranteeing they have a defined workplace when needed.
  • Meeting Room Reservations: Tactic’s Meeting Room Reservation feature makes it simple for users to reserve and oversee meeting spaces, making the most of office space and guaranteeing productive teamwork.
  • Team Schedule: With Tactic’s Team Schedule function, teams can easily plan and manage meetings and work activities by coordinating and visualizing their schedules.
  • Interactive Office Map: Tactic’s Interactive Office Map simplifies navigation in a hybrid workspace by giving users a visual representation of the office space and making it easy to find desks, conference rooms, and common areas.
  • Visitor Management: Tactic’s Visitor Management function makes it easier to register and monitor guests, improving security and giving them a flawless experience.
  • Office Reporting: Tactic’s Office Reporting feature provides information on employee activity and office space use, allowing decision-makers to make data-driven choices that maximize office resources and enhance the work environment.

Featured User Quote:

Tactic was one of the best space management solutions I looked at. The tool is not only highly elegant and intuitive, but it also has all the functions I require. I truly appreciated the support staff’s prompt responses and thorough analysis of all of our demands. In terms of finances, I preferred Tactic’s charging model as it charges for spaces rather than users. – G2 Examiner

Pricing: $2.25 per desk each month at the beginning

2: OfficeRnD Hybrid

OfficeRnD Hybrid

Award-winning OfficeRnD Hybrid desk booking software provides modern workspaces with unmatched efficiency and flexibility.

Numerous user-friendly features of OfficeRnD Hybrid make it easier to manage your workspace, boost output, and promote an effective, cooperative workplace culture.

Your team members can reserve desks close to them, plan their work schedules, and look up coworkers in the workplace. In order to collaborate, they can also make a list of their favorite coworkers and arrange their calendars to arrive at the office at the same time. Organizing workspaces into neighborhoods for distinct teams or functions enables managers to foster productivity and team collaboration in addition to easing workspace organization.

Furthermore, OfficeRnD Hybrid facilitates desk hoteling as well as hot desking.

Software for Desk Reservations OfficeRnD Hybrid

Main Features:

  • Easy Integration and User-Friendly Interface: OfficeRnD Hybrid offers an app-less experience by integrating easily with Slack, the Microsoft and Google tech stacks, and other systems. As a result, your teams can use Slack to communicate with coworkers or Google Calendar to arrange their schedules, as well as check desk availability and make a reservation. OfficeRnD Hybrid provides a dependable and convenient booking experience online, on mobile devices, or through integrated platforms such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams. This can be accessed at any time and from any location.
  • Data-Driven Insights for Optimal Space Utilization: OfficeRnD Hybrid offers useful analytics to identify patterns in space consumption, in addition to desk and meeting room reservations. You can optimize your workspaces, lower the company’s real estate expenses, and make well-informed decisions on resource allocation and office layouts using this data-driven method.

Featured User Quote:

A great workspace management tool for administrators and end users alike is OfficeRnD. Workspaces are quick and simple to set up and maintain. It’s incredibly good that updates and problem fixes are applied frequently. In addition, the customer service is excellent; all inquiries will receive prompt responses. — G2 Examiner

OfficeRnD Hybrid offers multiple pricing packages, including a free plan that has no restrictions for up to 20 users and 20 resources. There are three different monthly plans available: “Start” costs $199 for up to 150 members, “Professional” costs $399 for up to 1000 users, and a custom-priced “Enterprise” plan with specific features and services.

3: Enjoy


Envoy is a complete solution that offers features for visitor registration, desk booking & the meeting room reservations in order to improve office management.

Because of its adaptability, it is appropriate for businesses moving toward hybrid work models. Envoy’s ability to seamlessly integrate into current processes through connection with widely used calendar apps and communication tools is one of its most notable features.

In addition, user reviews emphasize the following advantages:

Main Features:

  • User-Friendly and Efficient: Envoy is highly praised by users and administrators for being simple to use. The tool’s intuitive and adaptable design, especially on the iPad, greatly improves the visitor experience. One important strength that users point out is its capacity to digitize and automate procedures related to visitor registration. Users like how easy it makes them to keep track of who is coming in and going out of the building, which is very helpful when managing office space.
  • Functionality of the Mobile App: Envoy’s mobile app is a notable feature that provides consumers with ease and flexibility. It makes desk reservations and sign-ins simple, which is especially helpful in workplace settings that adopt hoteling systems after a pandemic. The app’s simplicity and ease of configuring and managing employee access contribute to its allure. These features make it possible for staff members to choose and reserve desks effectively, which makes workdays run more smoothly and neatly.
  • Integration with Other Systems: Envoy provides a complete solution for tracking & the managing office visitors and desk reservations, and it interfaces nicely with other office management systems. The office administration experience can be made more efficient and productive with this integration feature. The tool’s capacity to record visitor counts and offer clear reporting is also highly appreciated since it makes it possible to make better use of office space.

Featured user Quote:

Envoy Visitors is handling COVID screening issues and making sure that people arriving at work have not personally gotten the virus or have come into close contact with someone who has. It has helped to guarantee that our company can give its workers a safe and healthy work environment. — G2 Examiner

Cost: Not available.

4: Eden Workplace

Eden Workplace

Eden Workplace is an all-inclusive platform with multiple modules for scheduling rooms, desk reservations, guest management, and more. Accurate booking information is ensured by real-time updates and a well-organized, user-friendly interface. Their ticketing system makes it simple to collaborate on and handle requests related to IT, facilities, and HR.


  • With Eden Workplace’s modular pricing choices, companies may select just the services they really need.
  • prioritizes compliance and safety through open visitor management and autonomous delivery methods


  • To utilize the platform efficiently, some staff could need training, which could result in a learning curve.

Featured user comment

Pulling statistics on daily office visitors and obtaining a monthly office activity indicator is made simple by Eden. We frequently run out of room for everyone to enter because we have more desks than workers. Employees can use Eden to check the app and see if they are able to make a reservation. We no longer have problems with people arriving at the office without a workstation to use. – G2 Verified User in the Mid-Market for Publishing (51-1000 workers).

Pricing: $89 a month for each location.

5. Skedda


Skedda is one best hot desk booking solutions because of its powerful automation rules and easy-to-use scheduling interface. You may assess the available studios, conference rooms, and workstations and make reservations based on your needs thanks to the booking system’s flexibility.

The easy-to-use, fully automated user interface makes it incredibly simple to book a room on your own. Make a reservation instantly by utilizing their dynamic floor plans to check availability. The time-of-day range-slider, which tells you when your preferred option will become available again, is one of our favorite user interface elements.


  • The platform’s user interface is clear and well-organized, making it easy to locate and reserve available desk space.
  • Automation technologies save time and effort by simplifying and speeding up the booking and payment procedures for clients.
  • The extensive analytics data may provide information on the popularity and usage patterns of the accessible workspaces.


  • Skedda offers a lot of customisation choices, however there can be a learning curve for the new users.
  • Comparing Skedda’s flexible pricing structure to the fixed plans offered by rival software manufacturers may make cost prediction more difficult.

Featured User Quote

We’re saving time with Skedda. We had previously used Excel sheets that need to be manually updated, as well as calendars from Google and Outlook, which took up a lot of administrative time. My employees may reserve their own spots using Skedda, and I can keep an eye on data and generate reports that help with budget management and space adjustments. We were able to repurpose the virtually full-time earner’s work by using Skedda instead. – G2 Reviewer for Enterprise (more than 1000 workers)

Pricing: Skedda offers a free plan and a $50 monthly pro version.

6. Smartway 2

Smartway 2

With the help of the workplace scheduling tool Smartway2, workers can plan ahead and reserve things like conference rooms, hot desks, parking spaces, and other equipment, which helps them be more productive. The platform features a mobile feature for booking while on the go, connectivity with Microsoft Outlook and Office365, and the ability to handle the challenges that come with today’s mixed work.

The platform’s Smart Desk Recovery feature increases staff desk availability by clearing off unused reservations.


  • Using your Outlook Calendar, you can quickly book a space and check if your colleagues can get together in person.
  • Businesses can give employee health and employer safety top priority by using robust rules engines and sanitation schedules.


  • Pricing details are available only upon request.

Featured user quote

We were trying to plan multiple large offices so that we wouldn’t be overcrowded due to limited space and elevator demand, and so that our large workforce could remain content and motivated by adjusting to their new normal, which occasionally included working from home, schedules. All of that and more has been accomplished. — G2 Examiner

Pricing: Smartway2 does not have a stated price.

7: Robin


The desk booking software Robin is perfect for businesses introducing a policy on hybrid workplaces. The system makes it easier for staff members to schedule meetings and workspaces and helps them find their coworkers quickly. Robin is used by many workplaces across the globe. The platform offers tools and insights that help businesses efficiently manage the employee experience.


  • gives instant access to resource availability data, facilitating prompt scheduling adjustments and reservations.
  • provides organizations with comprehensive statistics to help them understand how their workspace is used.


  • Using the mobile app can be difficult at times.

Featured user quote

Since there are more employees than desks in our company, it is helpful to use Robin to let employees reserve a desk in advance of arriving at work so that we don’t exceed capacity. Robin doesn’t publish prices for the general public.

8: Cafe


A user-friendly platform for the managing office resources and workspace reservations is provided by the hot desk booking software Cafe. Because of its emphasis on usability and simplicity, it is appropriate for businesses looking for uncomplicated solutions. Customizing booking policies and restrictions is one of Cafe’s standout features, which enables businesses to adapt the platform to their own requirements.


  • a user-friendly platform that prioritizes usability and simplicity.
  • gives booking rules and regulations the ability to be customized, giving them the flexibility to be tailored to specific needs.
  • makes resource reservations and office space management more effective.


  • When compared to more all-inclusive hot desk booking systems, Cafe’s feature set could be considered somewhat rudimentary.
  • restricted possibilities for integration with other tools and systems.

Featured user quote:

In addition to facilitating interpersonal connections within hybrid work environments, Café works toward a corporate initiative that reinterprets the principles of more efficient time management and teamwork. Unquestionable advantages have been seen; people enjoy returning to the office more when they know who will be there. In order to avoid space issues caused by a high number of people attending on the same day, Café assisted us in spreading out everyone’s attendance over the course of the week. — G2 Examiner

Pricing: Professional plans are available after a certain point, after which cafe use is free.

9: Deskbird


Deskbird is an adaptable and user-friendly hot desk booking software that makes it easier for staff members to reserve desks, meeting spaces, parking spaces, and other resources at their convenience. One of Deskbird’s standout features is its ability to easily link with a wide range of calendar apps, communication tools, and active directory systems, making the process of integrating Deskbird into your existing workflow more efficient.


  • Numerous booking options, such as a smartphone app, web platform, and connectivity with Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Examining health policies and making reservations in secret to increase security and privacy
  • Utilization indicators and real-time analytics for improved workspace optimization
  • several interfaces with widely used calendar apps and communication platforms
  • For greater control over workplace space, consider dedicated zones and options for access limitation.


  • fewer chances for customisation than with some other hot desk booking software
  • With prices beginning at $1.80 per user each month, it can be more costly than some other solutions.

Featured user quote:

Since May 2022, we have been use Deskbird for both weekly planning and lodging reservations. We don’t think it makes sense to use the items separately. Since they are so closely related, using both of them together increases room allocation efficiency significantly, which is, in our opinion, the only cost-effective way to use the tool. For the advantages of hotdesking with Deskbird, the expenses are really low and totally justified in this case. — G2 Examiner

Deskbird’s pricing begins at $1.80 per user.

10: Kadence


Kadence provides a complete desk booking software solution designed to meet the demands of contemporary offices. With an emphasis on increasing team productivity and maximizing workspace use, Kadence stands out as a flexible platform for organizing your teams and spaces. Kadence stands out for its sophisticated analytics and reporting features, which give businesses the ability to make well-informed decisions by providing insights into employee space booking trends and workspace utilization patterns.


  • Expert assistance with hybrid work models from a dedicated 1:1 hybrid consultant
  • AI-powered scheduling and booking suggestions can help your teams connect in the right places and increase team productivity.
  • Flexible mobile and web platforms that fully integrate Slack and Microsoft Teams for total flexibility in scheduling and coordinating
  • Comprehensive space and booking analytics for the past, present, and future to ensure accurate reporting of space utilization statistics


  • Compared to other systems, this one is not as sophisticated.

Featured user quote

Our office has been cut in half, which has allowed us to manage space in a hybrid way that works well. A far more dynamic workplace is made possible by the Kadence tool, which has produced dynamic working areas that differ greatly from fixed desk structures. The teams have given feedback indicating that they enjoy having the ability to meet with colleagues and see who else is working.

Pricing: Each user pays $2–4 a month for Kadence.

11: Condeco


Condeco is the only option to consider if you’re seeking for a hot desking solution for Windows. It is a great choice for startups and companies with a mix of regular and remote workers because it provides all the services needed. The system supports fixed, flexible, and bookable workspaces, allowing staff members to choose the one that best fits their requirements. It’s easy to book a room with their graphic map accessible on their website, mobile app, and Outlook. In addition, users can set up cooperative communities for their teams and reserve parking spaces. Also check Database Management System Software


  • Suitable with more than fifteen different uses
  • enables effective, real-time workstation reservations.
  • The industry’s first platform, including major corporations like Pepsi as clients


  • The cost of Condeco begins at $45 for per user. Nonetheless, larger businesses with a larger workforce could have higher expenses.
  • The UI is intended with older, less tech-savvy customers in mind.

Featured user Quote

Since returning to the office, we have switched to hot desks, and Condeco has made this transition quite easy. Easily locate coworkers using the booking grid, calendar features, and visual visibility of all our shared places. — G2 Examiner

Condeco does not disclose its pricing to the general public.

12: Officely


Officely is a cloud-based hot desk booking software with a number of useful features and connectors that is intended to help businesses manage their shared spaces. One noteworthy feature that lets users view real-time updates on staff locations and office availability is Officely’s integration with Slack. For businesses with hybrid workforces that need to interact and work together with workers who are located in different locations, this is a great tool.


  • offers customized health questionnaires upon request.
  • Provide a secure way to record information and monitor employees’ activities in order to identify any stray contracts.


  • Officely costs more than other hot desk booking software options; a user’s monthly fee starts at $2.50.

Featured user quote:

Officely provides excellent visibility into our offices and helps with capacity planning. I particularly enjoy the invite feature and the daily reminders on who will be in tomorrow. Other desk booking software we’ve tested wasn’t nearly as simple as this one. – G2 Reviewer

Officely offers a free plan as well as pro subscriptions that begin at $2.50 per user per month.

23 More Hot Desk Booking Software in 2024

You might want to look into other options if the ones listed above don’t work for you in terms of selecting the ideal platform. The good news is that new and updated hot desking platforms appear virtually daily, making it easy to find the ideal fit.

If none of the top 12 appeals to you, think about using one of the following software programs:

Accordant: An array of functions, such as space management, booking, and analytics, are provided by this cloud-based hot desk booking platform.

  • Advanced Workplace Analytics: A tool for tracking hot desk utilization and data-driven decision-making in the workplace.
  • AppSpace: A platform for managing workplaces that includes a hot desk reservation feature.
  • Breeze: A mobile-friendly hot desk reservation app that lets customers reserve rooms and desks while they’re on the road.
  • ai is a hot desk booking platform that optimizes desk usage and enhances employee experience through artificial intelligence.
  • Clearooms: A platform for reserving hot desks that focuses on shared workspaces.
  • Deskfound: A straightforward desk reservation platform that promotes teamwork within the workplace.
  • DeskBooking: A hot desk reservation system created specifically for the educational market.
  • Deskspace: A platform for booking hot desks specifically for the healthcare sector
  • Desktime: An app for productivity and time tracking with a hot desk booking option.
  • DeskSpace: A hot desk reservation platform emphasizing adaptability and teamwork.
  • DeskWhere: A hot desk booking platform that tracks user location through geofencing to improve accuracy of desk bookings.
  • eDesk: An interface-rich hot desk booking platform for other workplace management systems.
  • Hot Desk Booking: A straightforward and reasonably priced hot desk booking system.
  • Litespace: A reservation system that uses AI to enhance the working environment for employees.
  • Office Space Manager: A platform for small enterprises to reserve hot desks.
  • Software called Othership allows you to schedule coworking spaces away from the workplace and facilitates remote and hybrid working.
  • PlanoDesk: Space management, booking, analytics, and other capabilities are just a few of the options available on this hot desk booking platform.
  • ResDesk: A hot desk reservation system made specifically for the hotel sector.
  • RoomBooking is a hot desk reservation platform with a focus on conference spaces.
  • Scoop: A real-time Slack hot desk booking application that lets users reserve rooms and desks.
  • SwipedOn: An RFID-enabled hot desk booking platform that increases desk security.
  • Tribeloo: A hot desk reservation tool specifically tailored for the creative sectors.
  • UnSpot: An artificial intelligence-powered hot desk booking platform that maximizes desk use.
  • YAROOMS: Space management, booking, analytics, and booking are just a few of the capabilities available on this hot desk booking platform.
  • Zapier: An automation tool for connecting other systems with hot desk booking services.
  • Zudesk: A platform for booking hot desks that is intended for large businesses.

More Hot Desk Booking Software

Choosing the best software for you

Numerous features are available on these hot desk booking platforms to improve the administration of hybrid workforces. Their shared objective is to maximize the use of office space while promoting teamwork. You can select the software that the best suits you by considering the features that differentiate them:

Workflow Integration:

  • In order to improve user comfort and workflow efficiency, several platforms place a high priority on seamless integration with currently in use tools and systems, like Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Outlook.

Modular Pricing and Safety Emphasis:

  • Certain platforms provide modular pricing choices so you can select the services you need. Through open visitor management and health policy evaluations, they also place a strong emphasis on safety and compliance.

Intuitive User Interface and Automation:

  • These platforms are distinguished by their intuitive user interfaces, automated reservation procedures, and extensive analytics. This method offers insights into workspace utilization while streamlining the reservation process.

Hybrid Work Adaptability:

  • Certain platforms prioritize their flexibility to adjust to hybrid work modes by providing interfaces with widely used programs such as Office 365 and Outlook. These systems are designed to make it easier for employees who operate in multiple places to reserve desks and rooms.

Real-time Data and Insights:

  • By offering real-time data on resource availability, facilitating efficient workspace management, and improving the employee experience, these solutions set themselves apart.

Interactive Office Maps and Coordination:

  • Interactive office map platforms facilitate better collaboration across hybrid teams by letting staff members see each other’s calendars and schedule meetings more effectively.

Simplicity and Integration:

  • In order to facilitate user and administrator adoption, these systems place a strong emphasis on simple user interfaces and seamless connectivity with programs like G-Suite and Active Directory.

Comprehensive Workspace Support:

  • To fulfill the demands of numerous hybrid work settings, specific platforms provide a comprehensive solution by supporting multiple workspace types and interacting with many apps.

Real-time Updates and Communication:

  • These platforms are distinguished by their capacity to integrate with Slack and provide real-time updates on staff locations and office availability, which enable productive collaboration in mixed contexts.

These categories of distinctions draw attention to the advantages and specializations of each hot desk booking platform, letting you select the one that most closely matches your objectives and demands. Numerous factors, such as your team’s level of tech proficiency, industry, and firm size, will affect your choice.

Choosing the best software for you

Why is desk booking software important?

According to recent data from Stanford, most organizations are requesting that teams work two to three days a week because hybrid work is showing to be the most effective option for both businesses and their employees. Other statistics on remote work indicate that hybrid work increases productivity, retention, motivation, and engagement.

However, effectively implementing hybrid work requires organizations to consider more than just enhancing the remote team management abilities of their leaders. They also need to consider how to efficiently divide up in-office and remote work, as well as who works when and how.

One of the challenges in properly managing a hybrid workforce is figuring out how to assign desk space. Everyone wants to avoid calling coworkers back to the office just to discover that there isn’t anywhere to work.

Because hot desking allows workers to reserve desks, conference rooms, and other facilities on demand, it can promote a more flexible and collaborative work environment.

There’s more to the hot desk booking apps covered in this article than just desk reservations. They also let you monitor attendance for meetings, activities, and schedule adjustments. Lastly, they delegate work and projects while encouraging teamwork and involvement.

What Is Hot Desk Booking Software?

Describe hot desk booking software, please. To put it briefly, desk booking software lets users reserve workspaces such as meeting rooms and workstations in hybrid offices when there are fewer desks than there are employees utilizing them. People can work remotely under the hybrid work model and visit the office as needed or on designated team days, as specified in your hybrid working policy. Hybrid and remote managers can effectively manage office spaces and foster a flexible, collaborative work environment by utilizing hot desk software.

With the growing popularity of the hybrid remote work, most businesses now need to optimize office resource use, and hot desk booking software has become essential for this. Its advantages are especially clear when handling last-minute gatherings or events without interfering with the normal course of the workday. This software solution frequently provides real-time availability checks, simplified booking and cancellation administration, extensive reporting, and analytics functions in addition to matching people with desks.

A new breed of this type of software also addresses the “why” behind people in the workplace and aids in getting the right people together in person at the appropriate moment.

What Is Hot Desk Booking Software

Why Do You Need a Desk Booking System?

Desk booking systems give businesses an easy-to-use and adaptable approach to manage their workspace and take into account the evolving needs of their workforce. Let’s examine the benefits of having a desk booking system for your workspace and why you should implement one:

Fulfill Employees’ Post-Pandemic Expectations

When your employees return, as an employer, you have to worry about what they will expect from their new work environment. The desk booking system offers more flexibility, improved comfort and safety, communication and cooperation, and productivity, all of which can help firms meet the expectations of their employees for the modern work environment. Also check Online PR Software

Accommodate a Hybrid Working Model

One of the best tools for overseeing hybrid workplaces is a desk booking system. It enables staff members to reserve a workstation or desk in advance, whether they are working remotely or in the office. This gives your employees more freedom in terms of working from home or coming into the office on different days, and it also lets you manage your office space, available desks, and expenses more effectively. This gives workers more authority and improves a company’s attractiveness to potential hires.

Benefits of Desk Booking Software

There are numerous advantages to a desk booking system for both companies and employees. The following are some of the main advantages of the desk booking method that should persuade you to utilize it if you’re still on the fence:

Optimize Space Utilization

Even though most office workers don’t require them, a large number of workplaces are occupied needlessly. Employees only reserve a desk through a desk booking system when they genuinely need it. When working in a shared office setting, a desk booking system can maximize the use of available desk space. An employee may quickly locate and reserve a workstation with the help of a desk booking system, which minimizes empty desk space and makes the most use of available resources.

Flexible Work Arrangements

The need for desk booking systems has expanded due to the move toward more flexible work arrangements, such as remote work and variable hours. According to a Gallup Poll, 37% of workers would be willing to quit their current job to work somewhere with more flexibility. Employees can reserve a desk or workspace through the use of a desk booking system, which provides flexibility and helps to guarantee they have a place to work when needed. Reservations can be made regardless of location or schedule.

Increased Collaboration

Employee cooperation can be enhanced by desk booking systems, which allow workers to reserve desks next to one another or in particular office locations. Desk booking systems make it simpler for staff members to reserve a location close to their team for a more structured work schedule by letting them know which desks are accessible at any given time. For instance, they can use a desk booking system to reserve a spot without disruption if they need to work on a large project with their team.

Cost Effectiveness

Organizations can save money on the real estate expenses by optimizing desk space and lowering the number of empty desks with the desk booking system. More space will be wisely used since it helps ensure that every desk or workstation is available to all employees. You may save maintenance and incidental expenses by controlling workspace size and occupancy rates using the desk booking system.

Improving health and safety

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, many organizations have made health and safety their main priority. Businesses may simply control how many people are in the office at any given moment by implementing a desk booking system. This can assist to prevent overcrowding and ensuring that social distancing policies are observed, both of which can improve health and safety conditions.

Are there Free Hot Desk Booking Apps I can use?

Indeed, there are plenty of excellent free hot desk booking app options. Envoy, Skedda, Cafe, and Officely (up to 10 employees) are only a few of the above solutions that provide free plans, at least up to a certain number of employees.

Hot desk management with Microsoft Teams is also free, if you don’t mind doing a little more work.

Finally, for additional information on how to manage a hybrid office like a pro and optimize your workspace, check out our in-depth tutorial on the subject.

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