Top 20 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023

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Best Cryptocurrency to Invest will be described in this article. This article lists the top cryptocurrencies with the highest value potential to engage in for 2023. We have chosen the finest cryptocurrency assets that, in our opinion, have the necessary technology, adoption rate, execution, and product marketing skill to fulfill the disruptive potential of blockchain. As with any definition, competing initiatives may overlap, but we have categorized our token picks into a number of industries, including the following:

Our choices for the top cryptocurrencies this year are listed below. We’ll go over the use cases and possible price increases for each of these projects individually in the section that follows.

Top 20 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023

In this article, you can know about Top 20 Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023 here are the details below;

  • Offering tokens for healthy living, Fight Out (FGHT) is currently the best cryptocurrency to buy.
  • Eco-friendly Coin Democratizing Carbon Credit to Reward EV Owners: C+Charge (CCHG)
  • The Best Utility-Driven Crypto of 2023 Is Metropoly (METRO)
  • Top Cryptocurrency to Buy Right Now in the Gaming Sector: RobotEra (TARO)
  • Recently listed on exchanges is the best game to use scalable cryptocurrency, Calvaria (RIA).
  • A FPS P2E Shooter with Huge Potential is Securedverse.
  • Best Meme Crypto to Buy Now: Tamadoge (TAMA) Listed on Gate and OKX
  • Final Presale Round for New Blockchain Gaming Token MetaBlaze (MBLZ)
  • Innovative Metaverse Games and the Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest In is Battle Infinity (IBAT)
  • Web 3.0 NFT Competitions Platform with Lucrative Prizes: Lucky Block (LBLOCK)
  • PancakeSwap DEX is to be surpassed by DeFi Coin (DEFC), a decentralized exchange.
  • Avalanche (AVAX): A Realistic Ethereum Alternative
  • Exciting Metaverse for Creating Custom Games: The Sandbox (SAND)
  • Top Blockchain with Eco-Friendly Consensus Protocol: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Enjin (ENJ) is a Cutting-Edge NFT Gaming Protocol.
  • Popular “Meme Coin” with Massive Price Potential: ApeCoin (APE)
  • Most well-known cryptocurrency with fixed supply and largest market cap is Bitcoin (BTC).
  • New cryptocurrency in the fan token market: Chiliz (CHZ)
  • Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023 is Aptos (APT).
  • Invest in the Top Cryptocurrency Now
  • Because they are still in the earlier phases of their roadmap, some cryptocurrency buyers believe that some of these coins could be among the best future coins available.
  • Examining the Top Cryptocurrency Assets for 2023 Investment
  • Whoever is pondering, “What cryptocurrency should I participate in?may want to study our article on using a reputable crypto exchange to buy cryptocurrency safely. Without further ado, let’s investigate the enticing cryptocurrency projects that we’ve outlined above:

1. Fight out (FGHT) – Overall Best Crypto to Buy Now offering Tokens for Healthy Living

Best Crypto

The new way to make cryptocurrency from Fight Out allows users to receive benefits for leading healthy lives: FightOut Logo$FGHT. Ownership of $FGHT gives users access to a platform that records their movements and steps and rewards them for exercising, beating challenges, and building the community.

Investors obtain the in-app currency REPS for building their bodies after customizing the exercises to target specific muscle groups. With $FGHT tokens, investors can purchase additional REPS and then exchange them for Fight Out goods, NFTs, subscriptions, and even entry to actual Fight Out gyms, which will be situated in strategic areas around the world.

The best moment for investors to purchase $FGHT tokens is right now because, after the presale ends on March 31, the price of FGHT will have increased by a maximum of $0.0333 every 12 hours.

Then, starting on April 5, FGHT tokens will be listed on exchanges; among the many listings that have already been verified are BKEX, Uniswap, LBank, and BitForex.

Investors have been scrambling to purchase the tokens as Fight Out has limited the supply to 10 billion, with $5 million already secured.

Depending on the purchase amount and vesting time, presale investors can also earn up to 67% in bonus tokens. For instance, investing $500 will earn investors 10% in bonus tokens, and selecting a three-month vesting period will earn investors another 10%. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Investors must buy more than $50,000 worth of FGHT and lock tokens for 36 months in order to receive the entire 67%.

Additionally, there is a $250,000 FGHT token giveaway and a 5% USDT affiliate scheme to take advantage of during the presale.

Just 9.5% of the tokens were made available in the presale by Fight Out, and another 4.5% were given out as bonuses. The remaining 10% were made available for market liquidity.

Investors can purchase NFTs with $FGHT coins, which can be used to customize the user’s avatar with distinctive cosmetics like hairstyles and tattoos. The avatar, which is used in the metaverse to fight against other players, changes as a user’s strength increases.

To serve as the brand’s ambassadors, Fight Out is collaborating with coaches and experienced fighters. Along with offering users masterclass-style training materials, these experts already include former boxing champion Savannah Marshall, UFC teammates Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas, and former boxing champion Savannah Marshall.

However, in order to fully benefit, users must first purchase $FGHT tokens, which are presently most affordable during the presale. Also check Is Gamivo Legit For Game Codes

  • The presale began on December 14
  • Methods of Payment: ETH, USDT, Transak
  • Chain     Ethereum
  • Invest a minimum of
  • Max Investment              N/A
  • Fight Out Presale – Visit Now

2. C+Charge – Eco-friendly Coin Democratizing Carbon Credit to Reward Ev Owners

C+Charge – Eco-friendly Coin Democratizing Carbon Credit to Reward Ev Owners

Owners of electric cars (EVs) can use C+Charge’s native token, $CCHG, to pay for charging their vehicles.

Those who want to profit from having CCHG should buy the coin now while it is in its presale. This coin will be used on a peer-to-peer system that aims to democratize carbon credits by issuing them as rewards every time drivers charge their cars at preferred stations.

Buy the potential alternative coin C+Charge.

CCHG is priced at $0.018 and is currently in stage five of eight, with more than $2 million raised. By stage eight, the final step, the price will rise to $0.0235.

The mobile app for C+Charge has a cryptocurrency wallet that can be used to keep the $CCHG tokens and carbon credits that drivers earn as rewards. One carbon recognition is equal to one ton of CO2, and carbon credits are permits that enable holders to offset their carbon footprints by contributing to environmentally friendly initiatives.

The app allows users to monitor their balance, locate the closest operational charging station using the geolocation finder feature, and view the prices that different charging stations offer for waiting times and charging rates.

Until recently, it was challenging for EV users to find that variety of information, which made owning an EV inconvenient and ineffective.

The project has already implemented a token burn for unsold presale tokens, with more than 70 million burned so far. However, one crypto whale has already seen enormous potential in the project and purchased $100,000 of CCHG in a single transaction during the first stage of the presale.

The driver will use CCHG tokens to pay for each payment and then be rewarded with carbon credits. By participating in this initiative, users can support a green ecosystem that removes spent tokens from commerce and compensates drivers for charging their cars. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

To offer its carbon credits, C+Charge, which has a doxxed and KYC-verified team, has already partnered with Flowcarbon. The project received $70 million in funding from major VC funds like a16z, Invesco, and Samsung Next in mid-2022.

The C+Charge whitepaper and the Telegram group both contain additional information about this initiative.

Readers who are interested should also study our article on how to purchase CCHG tokens.

  • The presale began on December 16
  • Methods of Payment: BNB, USDT, Transak
  • Chain     Binance
  • Minimum Purchase 0
  • Maximum Amount N/A

3. Metropoly – The Best Utility-Driven Crypto of 2023

Metropoly - The Best Utility-Driven Crypto of 2023

The absence of high-caliber initiatives was one of the main factors in the collapse of the cryptocurrency market last year. It’s intriguing to see how many utility-rich initiatives are being developed this year. A excellent example is Metropoly, the first NFT marketplace in the world that enables you to purchase crypto assets that are entirely backed by actual real estate properties.

Metropoly makes it possible to spend as little as $100 in a luxury villa in Rome, a beach house in Dubai, or an apartment in Los Angeles.

Here’s how. Using blockchain, it tokenizes international real estate assets into NFTs before dividing them into fractional NFTs. You can diversify your real estate business portfolio in this manner without using banks, additional fees, or geographical restrictions. To answer your question, the assets generate monthly rental revenue and enjoy long-term value growth, just like a REAL real estate owner.

Including the difficulties of documentation, upkeep, and tenant search. However, there’s more. Within a few minutes, you can sell these commodities on the market whenever you like. This provides the project a distinct advantage in both the crypto and non-crypto markets because the traditional market can take months or years to change hands. Through the METRO presale, which provides the most affordable entry point to the initiative, you can invest in Metropoly early. The discount increases as you invest more money sooner.

In reality, the price of the tokens may surge dramatically upon public launch, rising by as much as 300%. If you carry out the straightforward listed duties, you can also take part in the ongoing Metropoly giveaway with just $100 worth of METRO holdings. Given that there is a gorgeous Burj Khalifa apartment worth $1,000,000 USD up for grabs, the giveaway is difficult to overlook. Each year, it brings in about 100,000 USD in rental revenue. Metropoly’s dynamic alliances are noteworthy. The first is with ChainAdoption, which has worked with Polkadot, Tron, and EOS in the past. Next is Tenset. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Successful projects like Metahero and Everdome Coin, both of which saw increases of over 20X after launch, were nurtured on the platform. That demonstrates the METRO tokens’ development potential. The Metropoly Marketplace Beta’s availability prior to the token launch boosts the project’s legitimacy.

  • Token   METRO
  • Blockchain           Ethereum (ERC-20)
  • Provide 1 billion
  • supported currencies USDT, ETH, and BNB
  • a $100 minimum investment
  • Token launch following the conclusion of the presale or on April 1, 2023
  • Now go to METRO Presale.

4. RobotEra – Top Crypto to Buy Now for Exposure to the Metaverse, NFTs, and P2E Games

RobotEra – Top Crypto to Buy Now for Exposure to the Metaverse, NFTs, and P2E Games

RobotEra is a brand-new metaverse universe that could end up being the best cryptocurrency to purchase right now. For the purpose of providing players with in-game income opportunities, this project combines world-building components and NFTs. The native cryptocurrency TARO is currently being sold as an ERC-20 token during a presale.

RobotEra offers a full virtual gaming environment where players can buy NFT plots of land and develop them to gather resources, following in the footsteps of well-known metaverse games like The Sandbox and Decentraland.

The Robots, which serve as a player’s avatar, are the other primary NFTs on this platform in addition to the virtual property. 10,000 robots, each from a different faction in RobotEra’s limited edition set, will be produced. On the Taro planet, the ecosystem of this project, each Robot faction lives on one of seven different continents.

On the RobotEra market, TARO can be used to purchase and exchange all NFTs found in-game. RobotEra, one of the most eagerly awaited metaverse NFT projects, will give users the opportunity to profit by mining, trading NFTs, advertising, and staking TARO tokens.

The RobotEra whitepaper also states that participants in its DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) can stake its native token and have voting privileges over the project’s direction.

5% (90 million) of the 1.8 billion tokens in circulation will be distributed during the first presale period. TARO is presently available for purchase for 0.02. By the second stage, the token price will be $0.025; by the third and last stage, it will be $0.032. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

5. Calvaria – Best Play to Earn Game with Scalable Crypto Recently Listed on Exchanges


Calvaria is a brand-new play-to-earn cryptocurrency card game that aims to draw traditional gamers to the blockchain by rewarding players and ecosystem participants.

The RIA tokens are now listed on Uniswap, BKEX, and LBank, with additional listings to be announced in the upcoming weeks. The presale sold out at the end of January.

As a result of a partnership with the KuCoin wallet, additional CEX listings are anticipated to follow, possibly including KuCoin.

Players must buy an NFT deck of cards, which is done using Calvaria cryptocurrency, in order to earn in-game tokens.

The assets will be owned by the players, who can then resell them on the open market. Calvaria will contribute 10% of each purchase to the staking pool, giving players another way to gain tokens from the game.

The RIA token will support the ecosystem’s economic stability while also serving as the rewards system. Staking is one method the developers are using to accomplish this.

Investors can lock in their coins as a long-term investment and receive interest in RIA tokens thanks to Calvaria’s ecosystem, which also allows stakers to receive daily rewards.

The Calvaria whitepaper states that investors who stake their coins will participate in the voting process and ultimately make decisions that affect the ecosystem. The number of tokens held by each investor will determine the weight of their vote. Also check Dry Cleaning Service

Players will be happy to learn that both coins have no transaction fees because NFT collections are crucial to game advancement and RIA tokens are needed to buy them. Calvaria is committed to increasing the value of the coins by introducing features that broaden the tokens’ potential applications. By joining the Calvaria Telegram channel, investors can learn more about the company. The Calvaria IEO should be taken into consideration by investors looking for the best cryptocurrency to buy right now in the P2E market. Purchase Calvaria Crypto.

6. Securedverse – A  FPS P2E Shooter with Enormous Potential

Over the past 12 months, the crypto market has had the good fortune to see a lot of reliable projects enter the P2E space. One of the most intriguing of these is Securedverse, a straightforward yet thrilling P2E game. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

The game has a lot going for it, as will be explained below, and could emerge as a surprise contender in 2023.

The team behind Securedverse claims that it will have easy controls but “intense combat” in its First Person Shooter (FPS) P2E game. Portsea Games, a company with experience in building VR games with a variety of features, is the company creating the game.

Competitive battles with SVC rewards are one of the features that are accessible to users. It’s a good way to keep players around when those who are good at these games can start making money off of their talents and pastime.

SVC can be obtained specifically by using a leaderboard system. Future games will also feature a variety of game modes. Players will be able to earn SVC in potentially less competitive modes thanks to this.

Staking the SVC token, which the team will eventually release, is one of the additional features. The team will also start working on VR features in the final stage of development, which should draw a lot of users.

Since the presale is still in stage 1, Securedverse is currently holding it, offering the SVC token at the lowest price possible.

There are 273 million SVC tokens available for the presale, with each token costing $0.0143 in this stage and $0.0186 in the following stage.

The team has a ton of exciting developments planned for the future. The group will release the game following the presale.

The team will then concentrate on adding more maps, heroes, and game modes after that. The staking feature launch, a UI/UX update, and special events will be the main priorities of the later phases.

Although there are many intriguing P2E games available right now, Securedverse stands out as one of the more intriguing ones. It would be wise to keep an eye on this project.

7. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – New Web3 Mobile Gaming Cryptocurrency Platform

The first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform is being created by the new cryptocurrency project Meta Masters Guild. The Meta Masters Guild is now for sale on and Uniswap after having one of the most successful presales in recent memory that raised $4.97 millionmaggie ieo A total of 1 billion MEMAG tokens are available; 35% of those were sold during the presale, which had no vesting period, and another 15% were reserved for exchange listings and liquidity.

The remaining 500 million tokens will be used to expand the ecosystem (15%), the platform’s market (15%), the reserve (10%), and the team (10%). For 36 and 48 months, those tokens are vested and unlocked linearly. The developers of the Meta Masters Guild have been doxxed and KYC-verified by CoinSniper, and SolidProof has audited the MEMAG token smart contract. Meta Masters Guild is concentrating on creating games that are fun and highly replayable, rather than focusing on tokenization and rewards, while other play-to-earn crypto games have struggled to keep players engaged over the long term and have been subject to significant pumps and dumps. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Because it won’t be used in-game and will instead support and fund the ecosystem with another token, GEMS, which will be used for rewards and as in-game currency, the MEMAG token won’t be subject to the same selling pressure as other P2E tokens. Off-chain GEMS, which can be converted back to MEMAG, will be used to buy and upgrade in-game assets. The turn-based fantasy fighter Raid NFT, the open-world metaverse Meta Masters World, and the racing game Meta Kart Racers are the three games currently under development by Meta Masters Guild. The most advanced version, Meta Kart Racers, is scheduled for release in the latter half of 2023. Additionally, the project invites other game studios and developers to build on its framework and increase its library. Join the Meta Masters Guild Telegram channel for more details and the most recent news. Please go to Meta Masters Guild.

8. Tamadoge – Best Meme Crypto to Buy Right listed on Gate and OKX.

Tamadoge - Best Meme Crypto

TAMA logoWhile well-known meme tokens like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu managed to succeed thanks to popular support, we are now witnessing an increase in tokens that offer users utility. One such multi-utility token that has had a fantastic start to 2023 is tamadoge, which we think is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

This is due to the project’s recent release of the first three of its five Tamadoge Arcade games and the addition of Jon Bishop, CEO of Outright Games, as a significant new hire. With more than 80 hours of gameplay in the first 24 hours of its release, Super Doge has received overwhelmingly positive reviews and a ton of playtime. Super Doge is a platformer built in the Mario style that allows players to collect coins and climb leaderboards for weekly and monthly prizes. It is also available for free to play.

Prior to the main play-to-earn metaverse and an augmented reality (AR) app, it was the first of five Tamadoge Arcade games to be released in the first half of 2023. To The Moon and the second and third iterations of Rocket Doge recently took off and met with success. The primary unit of exchange in the Tamaverse, a future Play-to-Earn (P2E) metaverse game where players can create, breed, and compete with their individual Tamadoge pets, is the Tamadoge (TAMA).

Given the anticipated utility, the excitement surrounding the project, and its clear advantages over meme coin competitors like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, TAMA is without a doubt one of the greatest cryptocurrencies with the greatest upside potential in 2023. In January alone, TAMA saw almost 50% growth, making it one of the top trending cryptocurrencies of 2023. Players looking to join the P2E ecosystem have also increased activity in its NFT collection. Various rarities of NFT Tamadoge pets are currently available for purchase. The floor price for Ultra-Rate Pets, which can be purchased through OpenSea using ETH, is 4.9ETH. These NFTs serve as the owner’s in-game pet. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

TAMA is a deflationary asset, unlike DOGE and SHIB, and has a maximum supply of just 2 billion tokens—a much smaller number than the majority of other meme coins. TAMA is deflationary and becomes more scarce every time investors buy something from the Tama store, which is used to purchase assets in the main Tamadoge game. For the most recent information on Tamadoge, investors can subscribe to the Tamadoge Telegram channel. Admins on Telegram will never DM you first. Customers have the option of joining the project’s Discord server.

9. MetaBlaze – New Blockchain Gaming Token in Final Presale


One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency industries is GameFi. There is a lot of possibility for growth in this new blockchain gaming industry. MetaBlaze wants to alter the playing field. An increasingly immersive gaming experience that is reimagining a play-to-earn ecosystem is being developed by Web3 gaming company MetaBlaze.

By offering a Certik KYC Gold badge, a Smart Contract Audit, and Skynet monitoring, the company offers complete transparency to Web 3.  Built on the Binance Smart Chain, MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) is the native cryptocurrency used within its ecosystem. With the introduction of the first revolving rewards pool in the world, MetaBlaze’s community can now play to win popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Solana, and more.

By permanently etching the first iconic story onto the blockchain, MetaBlaze is adopting a story-first strategy. Based on solid principles, MetaBlaze will soon release a number of mini NFT games that follow an epic story told by the inhabitants of Galaxia Blue. A AAA, 3D RPG (role-playing game) developed on Unreal Engine 5 will bring together all of the mini NFT games, the narrative, and the entire ecosystem.

By releasing a number of miniature NFT games, MetaBlaze is adopting a practical strategy to draw players in, engross them in the narrative, and introduce them to the MetaBlaze gaming universe. While the AAA RPG, which will combine all of the gameplay and narrative elements from earlier iterations, is being developed.

Bitcoin MetaBlaze

The MetaBlaze team has significant plans for integrating Web 3 social media. A recent AMA with the MetaBlaze team mentioned the creation of a Web 3-integrated social media platform for gamers and social media creators that will be offered on the iTunes and Google Play store, though no official announcement has yet been made. The official announcement and release will undoubtedly have a parabolic impact on the value of the $MBLZ token.

The MetaBlaze ICO is now in its final round, and it is only a matter of time before it reaches its $4 million hard cap. This is your last chance to take part and get a 5% MBLZ bonus.

The MetaBlaze Telegram community, which has over 15,000 members, is a great place for investors to find the most recent information and even have direct conversations with the team.

10. Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Best New Cryptocurrency to Invest in with Innovative Metaverse Games

Battle InfinityBattle Infinity is another suggestion for the top cryptocurrency available right now. Battle Infinity is a play-to-earn (P2E) ecosystem built on the metaverse that has already undergone KYC verification by CoinSniper. Users can design their own avatars within this metaverse and participate in Battle Infinity’s games to win big prizes. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Battle Infinity, one of the quickest cryptocurrency presales to sell out this year, is currently under development and aims to increase the appeal of metaverse-based platforms. Players can engage in six different platforms within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. One of the most well-known is the IBAT Premier League, which offers a blockchain-based fantasy sports league with NFTs that is unique in its kind.

In addition to this, Battle Infinity provides a built-in NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell their own items to customize their avatars as well as mint and sell their own artwork. Users of Battle Infinity will also be able to buy virtual land plots that can be used for in-game billboard advertising. The Battle Infinity ecosystem will even include a DeFi exchange (IBAT Battle Swap) that enables seamless token switching.

The world’s native $IBAT BEP-20 token will be used to power the Battle Infinity ecosystem. The 10 billion token supply of $IBAT will be used for rewards distribution and staking. Investors had the opportunity to purchase 28% of the total supply during the presale.

Overall, $IBAT appears to have a good chance of becoming one of the year’s top metaverse coins because it encourages skillful gameplay through the platform’s intriguing fantasy league component. The NFT structure of the players in the fantasy league offers a novel way to trade and plan when assembling a team. The best place to follow the project’s progress and release schedule is in the Battle Infinity Telegram group; just keep in mind that the admins will never DM you first.

The Battle Infinity (IBAT) token was listed on PancakeSwap after the presale sold out well ahead of schedule. IBAT surged 700% from its presale price on launch day to reach a market cap of $60 million, and surged once more after being listed on LBank in late August.

The pass has a fully diluted market cap of $22.6 million at the moment, but it is undervalued given that there are more listings scheduled for the near future and that staking will soon become available. Although the APY has not yet been disclosed, holders will be able to lock up their tokens for 30, 60, 90, or 360 days in order to earn rewards.

11. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Web 3.0 NFT Competitions Platform with Lucrative Prizes

Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a different brand-new cryptocurrency, debuted a sportsbook and casino in November 2022. Due to its abundance of games, simple registration process, and alluring welcome bonuses, the website is already among the best cryptocurrency and Bitcoin casinos. More than 2,700 games are available at Lucky Block, ranging from popular slots to classic casino games like poker and roulette, with both virtual and live tables.

A sportsbook is also available, with thousands of pre-game and in-game markets on events ranging from the NFL, boxing, and the Premier League to badminton and eSports. Although some players will need a VPN to access the site, signing up is quick and should take less than a minute without the need for KYC verification. For the first week, new players can also receive 15% cashback on losses. You can play with about ten cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, and DOGE, with a $1 minimum deposit and no fees or withdrawal restrictions. Additionally, payout times are quick, with some cryptocurrencies taking less than a minute. The price of LBLOCK, which will soon be added to the website as a payment option, has increased by more than 70% since the casino opened. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Another NFT competitions platform, Lucky Block, aims to revolutionize the NFT sector by providing exciting prize opportunities. The goal of Lucky Block is to completely replace—or at least supplement—the services provided by the current market leaders with an inclusive, truly global system. It’s all up for grabs, so to speak. The best cryptocurrency under $1 is also Lucky Block.

The project recently finished upgrading its second ERC-20 token to version 2, enabling it to be listed on more cryptocurrency exchanges without paying fees. The V2 token is also subject to a 1% monthly burn to significantly reduce supply.

12. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Decentralized Exchange seeking to surpassed PancakeSwap DEX

DeFi Coin

Bullishness surrounding DEFC has emerged following a protracted period of calm, during which time developers were busy creating important components of the roadmap, including the promised DEX in the form of DeFi Swap. Midway through 2022, DeFi Coin saw astronomical price increases. As DeFi Swap launches its feature set, which includes automatic liquidity pools and a 10% transaction tax, many investors anticipate further gains. Of the tax revenue collected, 50% will be returned to DEFC token holders. DEFC is a strong contender to be one of the best DeFi coins to hold in 2023 based on its prior price performance.

DeFi Swap now offers plans with APYs ranging from 30% (30 days) to 75% for DeFi Coin yield farming. (365 days). One of the cryptocurrencies with the highest potential, according to founder Scott Ryder, the team will be revealing its future plans over the next few weeks, all of which he anticipates to have a “market moving” impact. DEFC is currently listed on the BitMart centralized exchange (CEX), in addition to PancakeSwap; however, plans are in place to hasten listings on other CEXs. DEFC has a lot of potential even though it has a small coin in terms of trading volume and holders. However, the coin may now be considered undervalued and to have significant upside potential following its decline from recent highs. Also check Caspio Alternatives

13. Avalanche (AVAX) –  Viable Blockchain Alternative Ethereum

Avalanche is a blockchain network that employs a novel scalability strategy that enables it to compete with the industry’s “top dogs” at the moment. Avalanche uses three different chains instead of just one, as is the customary method. Avalanche can process up to 50,000 transactions per second thanks to the use of distinct chains for different purposes. (TPS).

The dApp developers who are sick of Ethereum’s exorbitant GAS fees have taken notice of this strategy. The network can offer transaction fees that are much more tolerable while still maintaining a high level of scalability by utilizing the Avalanche Consensus Protocol. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

AVAX, the native token of Avalanche, is used to stake and pay network fees. Earnings for network validators who stake their AVAX can reach 10% APY, which is much higher than the rates provided by conventional banks. Overall, despite the fact that AVAX’s price has significantly decreased from where it was a year ago, this cryptocurrency still has a ton of future potential.


24H        +1.8%

7D           -6.8%

1M         -22.0%

3M         -47.87%

1Y           -90.6%

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

  • Investors in institutions
  • Polychain Investment
  • Throne of Three Arrows
  • Price graph for AVAX
  • Purchase Avalanche now
  • Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

14. The Sandbox (SAND) – Metaverse and Gaming Digital Asset Monetization Platform


Using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and its utility token, $SAND, gamers can create, own, and monetize their activities on the Sandbox platform. NFTs function as a kind of digital ownership certificate.

To give their digital assets verifiable ownership that can be used in games and exchanged on marketplaces, players can use NFTs. To encourage player interaction, the Sandbox offers tools like the Game Maker. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Additionally, the Sandbox metaverse, a virtual environment where users can interact and develop virtual properties, is made up of digital lots of land that can be purchased with LAND tokens.

The metaverse is the upcoming version of the internet, where people will work, play, socialize, and shop, and where there will be money to be made, according to businesses like Meta, the owner of Facebook. The Sandbox is a fantastic new cryptocurrency to purchase because it enables investors to place money in the metaverse.


24H        -1.3%

7D           -7.5%

1M         -26.4%

3M         -50.52%

1Y           -86.6%

15. Ethereum (ETH) – Top Blockchain with Eco-Friendly Consensus Protocol

Since the blockchain network has become the preferred choice for decentralized application (dApp) developers worldwide, Ethereum doesn’t need an introduction. These applications are built on the Ethereum network thanks to its smart contract capabilities. By eliminating the middleman from some transactions, these smart contracts completely decentralize the process. Ethereum is undoubtedly one of the hottest cryptocurrencies to buy right now, given its use cases and significant rallies. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

The recent launch of “Ethereum 2.0” has improved the situation, despite the fact that Ethereum’s GAS fees have been criticized for months. The Ethereum Merge upgrade, which took place in late 2022, saw Ethereum switch to a “Proof-of-Stake” protocol. This greatly improved its blockchain’s ability to scale and decreased costs. This upgrade may lead to a rise in the number of people choosing to purchase Ethereum in the upcoming months.


24H        -0.2%

7D           -8.8%

1M         -13.8%

3M         -30.21%

1Y           -73.8%

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

Investors in institutions:

  • LLC Kingfisher Capital
  • Inc. Arrow Capital Management
  • Investments Toroso LLC
  • Price chart for ETH
  • Buy Ethereum right now on eToro
  • Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

16. Enjin (ENJ) – Innovtative Protocol for Deploying NFTs in Gaming

Another cryptocurrency game-related metaverse product, Enjin Coin aims to establish its token as the preferred digital currency for in-game goods. Enjin’s goal is to establish itself as the “largest gaming community platform online,” and it already counts 250,000 gaming communities and 18.7 million gamers among its users. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

The Enjin team is a leader in the NFT industry, and the ERC-1155 token they created has been adopted as the Ethereum token standard for specialized NFTs.

Enjin provides software development kits (SDKs) to developers in a manner similar to The Sandbox in order to speed up the deployment of integrations into games.

Read our article on how to buy Enjin coin for more information on the investment process.


24H        -0.1%

7D           -7.1%

1M         -29.9%

3M         -50.83%

1Y           -91.3%

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

  • Investors in institutions
  • CoinFund
  • Bitcoin Ventures
  • Capital Partners DT
  • Electronic Currency Group
  • Framework Projects
  • Capital Kilowatt
  • LedgerPrime
  • Lemniscap
  • Multicoin Investments
  • ParaFi Financial
  • Price chart for ENJ
  • Purchase Enjin now on eToro
  • Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

17. ApeCoin (APE) – Popular “Meme Coin” with Huge Price Potential

ApeCoin, as its name suggests, is an ERC-20 token that is intimately connected to Bored Ape Yacht Club, one of the priciest NFTs available. BAYC has become synonymous with the NFT collection, and it will even be used in the upcoming “Otherside” metaverse project, despite the fact that the token’s creators are not directly involved in the ApeCoin project. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

When ApeCoin launched in March 2022, it was given away as free money via airdrop to BAYC holders. The hype surrounding the NFT collection caused the APE price to soar immediately as retail investors decided to purchase tokens as a result of the hype being generated by social media.

APE’s price, though, has dropped from its highs in March as a result of the coin’s difficulty locating practical applications. Some blockchain-based games, like Benji Bananas, have integrated ApeCoin, which has proven useful. The vast community support that BAYC (and ApeCoin) enjoys, however, means that this coin still has excellent price potential over the longer term.


24H        +4.5%

7D           +5.2%

1M         -31.8%

3M         -40.06%

1Y           N/A

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

APE pricing graph

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Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

Additional Top Cryptos to Buy Now:

18. Bitcoin (BTC) – Most Famous Crypto wit fixed Supply and Largest Market cap


Without mentioning Bitcoin, no discussion of the best cryptocurrencies to purchase right now would be complete. Despite a significant decline in price over the past year, more people than ever are choosing to purchase Bitcoin because of its accessibility and legitimacy.

Bitcoin undoubtedly lacks the utility of more modern coins, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be valuable in the future. The legacy financial markets have embraced Bitcoin (BTC) the quickest out of all the digital currencies that make up the crypto market. This is demonstrated by the rise in Bitcoin ETFs and derivatives products. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

Furthermore, a Deloitte report from late 2020 found that over 2,300 US businesses accepted BTC as payment; undoubtedly, this number has increased since then. Bitcoin continues to be one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in over time due to its popularity and dependability.


24H        -1.9%

7D           -5.6%

1M         -18.1%

3M         -26.6%

1Y           -73.4%

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

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Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

19. Chiliz (CHZ) – New crypto in the fan token Niche

Another top cryptocurrency to purchase with high value potential is chiliz. Chiliz is, to put it briefly, the token that drives the Socios fan token platform. For those who are unaware, fan tokens are digital assets that sports teams (such as F1 teams and football teams) issue and which grant the owner special privileges and voting rights. This is another Cryptocurrency to Invest.

As of this writing, the Socios platform has partnerships with a wide range of well-known brands, including FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). This indicates that users can purchase Chiliz (CHZ) to obtain special benefits pertaining to these teams. Some of these fan tokens have seen significant value increases due to the ardent fanbases that many teams have.

Chiliz will soon switch from using the Ethereum network to its own blockchain, expanding the utility of the CHZ token. There is a case to be completed that CHZ is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy right now given the enormous potential that fan tokens have.


24H        -8.0%

7D           -11.7%

1M         -4.6%

3M         -3.94%

1Y           -60.8%

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

20. Aptos (APT) – Best Penny Cryptocurrency to Invest In 2023

Because of its purported scalability, Aptos has been dubbed the best cryptocurrency to invest in right now in the quickly growing blockchain space. Despite the fact that the launch of Aptos in October 2022 was a colossal failure, the team has promised they will learn from their errors and improve the network even further.

Several of the prominent engineers on the Aptos development team were formerly employed by Meta Platforms. The Aptos network’s main selling point was that it could support up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS), but the network’s debut showed that it could support much fewer than that.

Aptos has started to lure NFT creators away from competing networks like Solana and Polygon, so those looking to monetize their NFTs may still find it appealing. There is potential for APT to become the best cryptocurrency to invest in in 2023 if Aptos’ team can keep going in this direction.


24H        -1.2%

7D           -5.7%

1M         -55.8%

3M         N/A

1Y           N/A

*Table and chart data are current as of November 22, 2022.

Cryptoassets are an unregulated investment product that is very volatile.

Finding the Best Cryptocurrency to Purchase

It can be difficult to identify the best new cryptocurrency to invest in, especially given how quickly the market is expanding. However, the five strategies listed below can be used by investors to quickly spot high-potential cryptocurrencies:

Pay attention to price potential

Price potential is the most crucial factor to consider when choosing the best cryptocurrency investment. Although it may sound vague, this includes a wide range of elements, including the coin’s current value and the particular market sector in which it competes. Investors can ensure that coins with low price potential are avoided by combining these factors.

For instance, there is a good chance that investors will be interested in a new coin that is introduced in the rapidly expanding metaverse niche and has a USP. To ensure confluence, it is necessary to combine this strategy with other types of analysis.

Look for novel use cases

Innovative use cases help the top cryptocurrencies to invest in today stand out from the competition. This is critical because it gives investors a compelling argument to favor them over competing projects.

A good illustration is Fight Out, a cutting-edge move-to-earn fitness app that rewards users for finishing workouts and also features metaverse components where users compete with one another.

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The best cryptocurrencies to trade are those that are currently undervalued because they have the highest potential returns. Researching the coin’s utility, development team, and long-term objectives is necessary to define what constitutes a “discount,” which can be difficult and arbitrary.

It can be good or bad if a coin appears exceptional on the outside but is priced incredibly low. The coin may have been priced low for a variety of reasons, but if broader economic factors are the primary cause, there is potential for a rebound once conditions improve.

Social media platforms should be used

Use social media platforms if you’re unsure of what to invest in right now. Social media platforms are a great place to find coins and projects that are getting attention from retail traders, despite the fact that this may seem counterintuitive. Projects like Fight Out are excellent examples of this because they have already developed thriving communities on Telegram and Twitter. These neighborhoods are essential because they support the development of a strong base of demand and lay the groundwork for future price increases.

Keep up with market conditions

Finally, paying close attention to the state of the market is essential to selecting the best cryptocurrency to purchase right now. This is a fairly broad strategy that includes examining the general economic climate, market regulation, and any potential “black swan” events.

The demise of FTX is an excellent illustration of the need to take market conditions into account. Even though coins like BTC and ETH weren’t directly affected by the failure, the contagion effect still caused value drops for them. Therefore, it is best to exercise patience and wait for the market to stabilize whenever an extremely negative event occurs before getting involved.


In conclusion, by concentrating on a number of projects with significant growth potential, this article has examined in depth the best cryptocurrencies to purchase at the moment. Fight Out, one of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies for 2023, has the potential to generate enormous returns. This move-to-earn cryptocurrency will enable users to earn rewards by pursuing their fitness goals with its ground-breaking new app. The presale for FGHT, the native cryptocurrency, is currently open and runs through March 31. Investors can earn up to 67% in bonus tokens and take advantage of a 5% USDT affiliate program.

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