How to Use Chunkbase To Find The Best Minecraft


Best guide to Use Chunkbase To Find The Best Minecraft will be explained in this post. The Best Minecraft Seeds, Biomes, and Structures Can Be Found Using Chunkbase One of the largest and most comprehensive game maps is found in Minecraft. A mapping and navigation system is absolutely necessary because the game’s sandbox universe practically extends forever. This is true especially for beginning players.

When it comes to game maps, whether it be for Fortnite, Free Fire, or any other game, Minecraft maps are the biggest. Players will have a better time playing Minecraft if there are more maps available. Chunkbase is one of several third-party websites that are attempting to gain this feature even though the vanilla and other Minecraft maps do not offer the ability to select a mini-map or other mapping systems.

How to Use Chunkbase To Find The Best Minecraft

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Describe Chunkbase.


A website called Chunkbase can be thought of as a third-party “utility” for the game of Minecraft. It enables users to locate specific biomes or structures in every seed they need to plant. In reality, faults are automatically minimised when players select a game version. All Minecraft editions, starting with Java Edition 1.7 and going up to Bedrock Edition 1.14, are supported with chunk-base. The precise locations of structures and biomes are used to provide a variety of alternatives for exploring and finding them. Also check Retrogames.

The top-left corner of the seed map has a compass that the players can use to obtain a general notion of where the spawn is. You must be interested in learning how to utilise Chunkbase after having travelled the world. We’ve got you covered because we’ve provided the following instructions for using Chunkbase:

How to Use Chunkbase

Use Chunkbase to locate Biomes and Structures, as well as the best Minecraft Seeds.

  • Please visit the Chunkbase website.
  • You can use whatever tool you like.
  • For instance, a settlement locator, a slime chunk finder, or a seed map.
  • Bring in the seed.
  • Select the dimension after clicking the Bedrock Edition edition.

How To Use The Chunkbase Dungeon Finder

How To Use The Chunkbase Dungeon Finder

  • It’s not that difficult to locate a dungeon using the chunkbase.
  • The dungeon is featured in Updates 0.9.0 from a long time ago in June 2010.
  • It is a cobblestone-built structure or room that users must locate in their own Minecraft world and that contains mob spawners as well as one or two chests.
  • In the Overworld, these dungeons are typically found underground.
  • The main character spends the most of their time in the Overworld.
  • Dungeons can range in size from around 55, 77, or 57 square blocks.
  • Every dungeon features a monster spawn in the middle of the building that aids in the spawning of mobs until the spawners self-destruct.
  • These monsters will eventually split into spiders or zombies.
  • However, this won’t happen until players go inside the 16-block radius.

How to Use a Dungeon Finder?

The players must abide by certain guidelines in order to use a dungeon finder.

  • Start by going to the website.
  • The players will then be taken to the dungeon finder page via this.
  • Players can view a seed and version box on this dungeon page.
  • Players must enter the seed at the top of the text box and click the “Find Dungeon” tab for a rapid start.
  • Finally, the map with dungeons and the map with various colours will be available for usage by gamers.
  • It is orange in hue and has bits of different spawners.
  • It is skeletal spawners and is grey.
  • It has zombie spawners and is green.
  • It has spider spawners because it is red.
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Items required for locating a dungeon:

The items that the players will need in order to locate dungeons are given below.

Torches: Players must have a torch with them at all times because they are essential for lighting the dungeon caves.

Covering the spawner with torches—one on each side of the block—may be the most efficient way to beat a dungeon.

These actions will stop the mobs from spawning. Also check Epic Games

To do this, players should enter dungeons with a minimum of 5 torches.

  • Weapons: In order to protect themselves from zombie attacks, it is essential that players have a sword, bow, or arrow with them.
  • Even bringing a sword, such as one made of stone, iron, gold, or diamond, will be useful.
  • Armor: Gamers can carry any kind of armour to defend themselves from the attacks of monsters.
  • Pickaxe: The players can use this to take out the monster spawners.


You can use third-party plugins like chunkbase to quickly locate dungeons in Minecraft.

Once the website has loaded, all you need to do is punch in your seed, and a map of your world with potential dungeon spawns placed across it will be generated.

In this article, we discussed Chunkbase’s many applications, including discovering the greatest Minecraft seeds and identifying biomes and constructions.

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