Top 9 Best Sales Pipeline Software You Can Use

Best Sales Pipeline Software will be discussed in this article. By monitoring your sales pipelines, you can optimize your sales process, make better decisions, and generate more revenue. It has become crucial in today’s economic climate, when competition is fiercer than ever. You now want an excellent sales plan that will attract more prospects and convert them rapidly.

The sales process includes lead generation, contact, repo building, deal closing, and follow-ups. To aid salespeople in completing deals quickly and creating a positive customer experience, all of these need proper preparation.

What Is a Sales Pipeline?

A sales pipeline is a diagram that represents possibilities and shows where potential customers are in the sales process as they go through the phases of the purchase.

It displays the number of qualifying leads you have and how many of them turn into actual customers. It also enables salespeople to determine which transactions are most important to concentrate on.

Furthermore, it can forecast how many sales you will make over the course of a year, month, or week. It is a wonderful tool for measuring your sales team’s effectiveness, successfully handling leads, and knowing how your firm operates.

The sales pipelines for various industries are often similar. In general, sales pipelines are highly organized and divided into several stages of an organization’s sales process, which are shown as a horizontal bar or funnel. Prospective customers are pushed from one stage of the sales process to the next from the time they make contact until the deal is signed.

Top 9 Best Sales Pipeline Software You Can Use

1. HubSpot

Manage each contract with HubSpot CRM to prevent sales from falling through the holes in your sales funnel. You may enter new transactions or contact data from the CRM with the most up-to-date information, saving time. You may use the time saved by eliminating manual data entry to send emails, make phone calls, and so on.

HubSpot’s pipeline management software manages your work and lets you to create your ideal strategy, whether you’re just starting out or have established sales. Without the aid of an IT professional, you may assign assignments to deal qualities and stages by simply altering, deleting, and adding them.

With complete control over your sales, you will be able to concentrate on the most important transactions for your firm. The sales dashboard gives a complete view of team and individual performance by monitoring progress toward quotas and activities.

Determine the possible income problem, then gather your team to execute the finest operation for obtaining the best discounts. This CRM allows you to monitor emails, manage prospects, contacts, pipelines, and corporate analytics, connect Outlook and Gmail, and much more.

HubSpot offers everything you need to attract more prospects and convert them into paying clients for under $45 per month. Among other advantages, 1000 marketing contacts are accessible.

2. Zendesk Sell

Using Zendesk Sell sales CRM, sales teams can convert leads more rapidly while increasing productivity, revenue, and pipeline visibility. Your sales crew works very hard, from managing enormous to-do lists to meeting client expectations.

Give them Zendesk Sell, which may help organizations streamline operations, make data-driven choices, improve customer experiences, and increase productivity.

Set up meetings, send emails, review previous transactions, and make phone calls with ease, all while maintaining and increasing your pipeline in accordance with your company’s guidelines. You may also keep an eye on the sales funnel to stay focused on high-value leads. It also has an integrated tool that delivers a whole context in one spot.

Real-time lead grouping and filtering allows you to concentrate your attention on the most promising opportunities. Zendesk Sell offers feature-rich, open APIs that are easy to integrate into your technology stack. Customizable dashboards give comprehensive visibility into sales operations, from planning to reviewing and reporting results.

Try Zendesk Sell for free before paying $19 per user/month (if paid annually).

3. Pipedrive

Pipedrive can help you manage your sales activities and expand your funnel. It can help you produce more leads by utilizing chatbots and customized online forms, and it can log calls, emails, and other interactions to provide you with a comprehensive view of your schedule. Rather of working hard, automate administrative jobs and benefit from artificial intelligence.

Examine the exact indicators in depth to compare performance to your goals, acquire complete transparency into your company, and increase data knowledge. You may also utilize a mobile device to track your sales funnel and combine Pipedrive with other business technologies to increase efficiency.

Pipedrive is always ready to remind you of upcoming tasks, so you can rest. Put everything in one place and add new contacts and offers to your computer or mobile device. You may use a mobile device to arrange events, calls, and meetings, take notes during talks or meetings, and record images for use in contracts or negotiations, among other things. Calls may also be stored. Pipedrive allows you to effortlessly generate and send emails while importing, updating, and adding Google contacts. You may also keep track of each phase to determine a logical opportunity for advancement.

Examine the steps that result in better conversion to see whether transactions are nearing completion. It also allows you to understand the conversion rate at each stage of the transaction. Create basic selling techniques for $12.50 each month and benefit from a 14-day, credit-card-free trial.

4. Keap

Keap’s smart sales pipeline management might help you close more prospects. Use its drag-and-drop sales pipeline to expedite transactions and see the status of all deals in one spot. Instead of utilizing spreadsheets to stay organized, use the Keap Management app.

Manage fresh leads, get a full perspective of the process, build scalable pipelines, and link with Keap’s CRM to convert leads into transactions quickly. You can also use a customized dashboard to track your leads and maintain your position at the top until the sale is closed.

Set up automated activities and follow-up to help new leads go through the sales funnel while also gathering trustworthy pipeline data and insights into sales success.

You will also get information on the average transaction length, duration, average deal income predictions, and deal conversions by stage. Improve your sales process and save up to 10 hours every week.

Choose between 500 and 25000 contacts for $79 a month (plus $30 for each new user). Alternatively, you may use Keap without providing your credit card information for 14 days and enjoy capabilities such as CRM, email marketing, lead capture, basic automation, appointments, mobile apps, business lines, automatic text messaging, payments, and invoicing.

5. Copper

Copper pipeline management software, with its customized features, makes it simple to track, streamline, and organize your sales. Drag-and-drop pipeline creation is infinite, as is visual pipeline health monitoring, remote team management, and real-time visibility.

Copper supports you throughout the sales process by allowing you to watch, evaluate, sort, and filter activities in real time, ensuring you never miss a transaction.

With Copper, you may begin and end your activities in minutes, obtain a quick visual summary of your sales process, and dive into each transaction to monitor your company’s health.

Get automatic updates on new assignments and ideas, allowing you to concentrate on boosting pipeline value and velocity. Furthermore, pipeline reports and dashboards show the kind, status, and value of current agreements.

You may also manage your quota by considering sales velocity, average transaction size, and pipeline value. It is helpful to identify obstacles and track your progress in order to know where you stand and when you will reach your goal.

Copper is offered for free for 14 days to determine its benefits. To achieve full Google Workspace integration, purchase a basic subscription for three seats at $25 per user each month.

6. Really Simple Systems

In order to successfully clinch the transaction, use Really Simple Systems to monitor and manage each selling opportunity at each level of the sales process.

It enables you to grade each offer and allocate it to your sales staff in the appropriate order. Using its user-friendly CRM system, you can easily generate precise forecasts, invoices, and quotes, avoiding the need to switch platforms.

Set your team’s security and user authorization settings to limit who may access your data. You may walk down and evaluate the sales funnel on a single screen to obtain a complete view. Create as many options as you like to describe each phase in the sales process.

It is free to use by up to two individuals indefinitely. If your team is tiny, you may utilize the capabilities by purchasing a $14 per user per month plan.

7. Capsule

Use the Capsule sales pipeline to see each opportunity’s state, position in the pipeline, and next steps. Track every conceivable transaction, manage it via a transparent sales funnel, and customize each process with numerous pipelines.

Capsule enables you to forecast your sales based on opportunity and probability values. You may also monitor conversion rates over the past year and get information about the sales funnel, summaries, and future sales forecasts from a single dashboard. Examine the most prevalent tags related with opportunities.

The features include opportunity screening, pipeline dashboards, visual pipelines, and sales pipelines. Automate a number of chores to save time and concentrate on the most critical ones.

Use the calendar view to evaluate your tasks on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as keep track of each sales cycle, in order to better understand your business and make the best choice possible at the appropriate moment.

For $18 per user per month, a professional subscription with 50,000 contacts, 10GB of storage, premium Google Workspace, and Microsoft 365 is available. You’ll also get access to premium Quickbooks, Zapier, MailChimp, Xero, and other service connectors. To learn more, try it for free for 30 days.

8. Salesmate

Create your own flexible and strong sales pipeline with Salesmate pipeline management software to monitor, organize, and attract more transactions.

It would increase focus and clarity in the sales funnel by eliminating guessing, increasing sales, identifying health condition, automating tasks, and delivering a simple drag-and-drop sales experience.

Crush your sales quota with high-value offers, and review your existing sales funnel. The pipeline view allows you to easily find and eliminate bottlenecks. You may also determine which agreements need quick attention owing to late action.

Because everything is in front of you, you may send an email, make a phone call, perform an action, change the offers, and leave a comment right immediately. IT automates operations, saving you time and effort in manually entering data and helping you to produce more leads from online forms.

To automatically target the correct transactions, segment and filter all data while also keeping track of discussions, meetings, messages, and emails. Furthermore, it promotes secure collaboration and assigns tasks to different members of your team. You may use the mobile app to track and manage transactions at any time and from any location.

9. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 provides a free CRM system as well as tools for controlling your sales funnel that are integrated with the CRM to give comprehensive information. All you need to do is set up sales techniques, transaction phases, and leads; the rest will be handled automatically.

The win ratio data may indicate how many leads are turned into customers. You may utilize pipeline analysis to detect bottlenecks and make necessary modifications. Free templates are also available for the sales, quoting, and billing stages.

CRM may be accessed completely from any location using the mobile application. It has an endless history database, a customer database, a sales funnel, free integration, and several more features. Improve managers’ forecasting abilities, measure critical metrics, and monitor key performance indicators to create effective strategies and plans.

You may also create more leads by adding online forms to your website. Dashboards and custom reports may help to improve team operations, the sales funnel, and the visibility of agent activity reports, predicted sales reports, lead sources, and overdue bills.

It also provides free access to common features such as 5GB of online storage, a contact center, email marketing, custom fields, invoicing, quotes, a self-hosted platform, connectors, and so on.