Top 10 Best Program Launcher For Windows 10 in 2024

Best Program Launcher For Windows

Best Program Launcher for windows will be discussed in this article. If you have an excessive number of icons on your Windows 10 PC and are having trouble organizing them? Don’t be concerned! App launcher is a fantastic tool for making your desktop more productive. You can save your favourite programmes in this folder for easy and quick access. However, choosing the best app launcher programme for your Windows 10 PC can be difficult.

Top 10 Best Program Launcher For Windows 10 in 2024

Top 10 best and most reliable Program launcher for windows are explained here.

1. Launchy




Launchy is a basic program/app launcher for Windows 10 that allows you to open files and folders, as well as launch programmes and websites. Launchy can be launched by pressing the Alt+Space key combination after it has been installed. All you bear to do now is type in the name of the programme or file you want to open, and you’ll be able to choose the most appropriate search result. The programme is a good replacement for the built-in search in Windows 10. It is available in portable and.exe formats and is completely free.

2. Executor



Executor is a very basic launcher that sits in the taskbar of Windows. It enables you to use any application installed on your Windows 10 machine. This programme will index all installed apps on your computer once it is installed. Simply open the app and type the name of the programme you want to run. It has a number of functions, including the ability to lock your computer, shutdown, and so on. If your Cortana isn’t working, here is the best Cortana alternative. Also check Code Editors For Windows

3. RocketDock



On Windows 10, RocketDock is the most well-known application launcher. It’s at the very top of your screen. It is modelled after the Mac OS X start toolbar and stores your app and file shortcuts. To add shortcuts to the toolbar, simply drag & drop them. If you have a lot of shortcuts on your desktop, this is a wonderful option to employ because it saves a lot of space.

4. ObjectDock



ObjectDock is also a well-known Windows 10 application launcher. It authorises you to add shortcuts to your favourite programmes for quick access. You may also add widgets to the dock, such as a clock, weather, battery, and calendar. With the numerous options accessible in dock, you can modify its skin and background. It is free to use for the first 30 days, after which you can upgrade to the paid version.

5. RK Launcher



RK Launcher is a free Windows 10 app launcher that allows you to add your favourite apps and programmes. Shortcuts to applications, files, and directories can be added. You can put it on the edge of your screen or in any corner of your screen. Docklets allow you to personalise your themes and icons. It’s a wonderful taskbar replacement because it can minimise programmes to dock.

6. InerziaSmartLaunch



Because of its interface, InerziaSmartLaunch is a relatively easy app launcher. It appears to be a search bar similar to the one found in the Google browser. Whenever you want to open an app, just type its name into the search bar, and a suggestion will appear in the context menu. You can then select the right suggestion and press enter to start the app. You may also use it to search for any document, folder, or other item. Simply type in the type and it will look for you. Also check alternatives to replace windows 10

7. Circle Dock

Circle Dock


It is an enthralling program/app that launches Windows 10. It’s a circular dock for starting programmes, as the name suggests. It will appear next to your cursor, wherever it is on the screen, as if your mouse is in the corner of the screen, when you click it to open it. You can see all of your programmes in a circular arrangement once it’s open, and you can access them with a single click.

It allows you to add folders, URLs, and shortcuts. You can also change the dock’s background and icons.

8. KeyBreeze



Keybreeze functions similarly to Executor. It, like Executor, can do keyword-based activities. You may also create unique keywords for your favourite apps or URLs. You can, for example, specify the term “outlook” to launch your webmail in your default browser. It’s ideal for sending emails. It contains a feature that allows you to make sticky notes and perform very basic text expansion, allowing you to copy large amounts of text to the clipboard.

9. WinLaunch



It is yet another programme launcher based on Mac OS X Lion. When it is minimised in the background, you can activate it by pressing Shift + Tab.

When you enable it, it will display you all of the apps that are listed. It has a pleasant user interface. It also has a ‘Jiggle mode,’ which allows you to move icons from one group to another. Enter the F key to add icons to it.

10. XWindows Dock

XWindows Dock


XWindows Dock is a Windows 10 app that simulates Mac launcher toolbars. The dock’s best feature is that it allows you to completely customise the images, shadows, and blur, among other things. You may customise it with your favourite apps and programmes. You can also use a plugin to create your own UI. It is the most powerful & fastest dock that Windows has to offer. Also check graphic design software solutions

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