Best Top 5 Discord Bots You Should Be Using

best discord bots

Enabling everything from simple servers for talking with friends, to organizing work, planning events or tournaments, or even to listening to music as a group, Discord has become a leader in the VOIP space.

However, if you’re looking to get a little more out of Discord you are going to need to look outside the application itself. Discord bots work as handy little modifications for your server, and provide a variety of fun and useful additions to the platform.

If you invite them to your server, bots will become members and can play audio and post messages in the channel just like a normal user.

Now that you know how they work, here are 5 Discord bots we know your users will love!

1. PokeCord Bot

  • Pokemon training minigame
  • Foster competition and fight to be the best

For any geeky gaming channel looking to add some more fun and games (all channels), PokeCord works as a minigame for users to play while chatting. You can play when random Pokémon appear in the server, then either battle or capture them.

In the miniature version of Pokémon, players can slowly level up their Pokemon characters as they fight and attempt to make them as powerful as possible. The users on the server are then able to pit these trained creatures against each other in battle for the bragging rights of being the best Pokémon trainer in the server.

Although it’s not a full-fledged copy of Pokémon, it’s simple to learn and will provide some running competition for everyone to enjoy.

2. Tatsumaki Bot

  • Server user rankings
  • User profiles
  • Quality of life improvements

If you’re looking for a more refined server experience, Tatsumaki is an excellent addition to Discord.

The bot brings plenty of interesting and useful tools to the table, but undoubtedly the best is that it turns Discord into a game itself. Tatsumaki engages your server users and encourages them to participate more by assigning levels and point based on server activity.

As users slowly accumulate points, they place themselves on a leader board with the other users of the server.

This system all comes together by giving a personal profile to each Discord user, complete with their own profile picture and chosen background.

The bot also gives your server a bunch of small improvements for users:

  • Quick poll voting in chat channels
  • News feeds from FeedBurner posted directly to your server chat
  • Welcome messages
  • Reminders
  • Quick YouTube and Google searches from within the Discord client
  • Link shortening
  • And more!

The benefits don’t stop there. The bot helps out the server’s owner by providing a management dashboard with quick access to server settings and ban and chat clearing mechanisms.

3. TriviaBot

  • In-chat trivia minigame
  • Worth meeting to play

If you need to satiate your competitive urge, then TriviaBot is for you. This bot will put you up against your friends in a simple game of multiple choice trivia, complete with score leaderboards and over 40 question categories.

Tho bot is straightforward, with only three commands: one to start the game, one to pause it and one to switch the category.

With such a simple process, it’s easy for anyone in your server to start their own short match to burn a little time.

Although TriviaBot only has one single minigame to play, its endless categories will provide you with hours of casual or competitive fun.

Tip: It’s a good idea to create a new text channel for the bot so it doesn’t make a mess of your server.

4. Pancake Bot

  • Music playing
  • Ban and mute management

A multi-role bot, Pancake Bot is your one-stop bot for music functionality and server moderation. With an abundance of commands, Pancake adds all the functionality Discord should have.

The music player enables users to request music from SoundCloud, YouTube, or Twitch streams. Once requested, the bot will join the voice channel with the user and start playing!

The bot’s audio output is directly from the source, so you’ll get better music quality from the bot then you ever would playing it through your own microphone.

A music queue will automatically be formed from the requested songs, so everyone’s music can be heard song after song. Be sure to utilize the skip and pause commands, too.

The server moderation tools offered by the bot are also a must-have for any server moderator. You can make Pancake automatically give out roles to those who join the server for the first time, bringing Discord’s permission functionality to life and protecting you against spam. To top off the new user experience, the bot can deliver customized welcome messages to each new user in the text channel of your choice.

It is also worth taking a look at their simple timed mute and ban solution, which is imperative for the management of any large server. Further, Pancake can delete messages in bulk to clean up spam in one click.

There’s so much more, so make sure you give the command list a read before you install it.

Pancake Bot is so useful every server will benefit from having it installed.

5. GameStats Bot

  • Display player stats for various games

If your discord server works as a hub for you and your game playing buddies, the GameStats bot gives users the ability to show and compare statistics between sever members.

With one simple command, you can check up on a player’s statistics on the game that they’re currently playing.

For each game this includes things such as kill/death ratios, win rates, favorite characters and recent match results.

With support for over 15 popular online multiplayer titles, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Dota 2, League of Legends and even games not on Steam such as Overwatch, GameStats should work for most of the games you play.

Your Favorite?

There are hundreds of Discord bots to choose from, so which are your favorite? Let us know below.