Top 7 Legit Apps Like 1Q That Pays Decent

Apps Like 1Q

Best Legit Apps Like 1Q That Pays Decent will be described in this article. 1Q-like Apps Don’t want to spend a lot of time doing surveys on apps? Therefore, your quest stops here if you’re looking for the greatest short survey apps in one spot. The top short survey applications for Android and iOS are highlighted in this article as a way for you to supplement your income while relaxing. You are paid by these survey applications in exchange for completing online activities. Your earning potential will depend on your demographic and available time.

Top 7 Legit Apps Like 1Q That Pays Decent

In this article, you can know about Apps Like 1Q here are the details below;

1Q is one of the well-known apps that links leading brands with customers who want to get compensated for their comments. Thankfully, it’s not the only software available. We’ve compiled a list of the top 7 1Q alternatives after reviewing the majority of the survey applications. Continue reading to learn more.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

One of the greatest apps that lets users complete surveys and earn incentives is Google Opinion Rewards. If you are 18 and reside in one of the 26 countries where the rewards program is offered, you can just sign in and respond to the questions since it is only available in 16 of those nations.

The poll is carried out using Google Surveys, and users of the app receive the results through Google Opinion Rewards. iOS users receive payment through PayPal, and Android users earn Google Play credits.On the Play Store, you can use your credits to buy games, movies, music, and apps. The app will warn you if your recognition are near to expire. These credits are good for 12 months.

Key Highlights

  • Earn incentives for assisting companies in improving their goods and services.
  • Simply download the app, fill out a few questions about yourself, and once a week, surveys will be sent.
  • Receive a notification when a brief survey that is relevant to you is ready.
  • Everything from opinion to hotel reviews, polls, and customer satisfaction surveys are covered.
  • For each one you finish, you will be rewarded with Google Play or PayPal credit.

Platform: Android and iOS

2. CrowdTap


Sign up for CrowdTap by providing your full name, Zip code, city, state, and birthdate along with an email speech or Facebook account to get started. Then, by participating in online debates, reviews, or polls, uploading artwork, images, or other content, answering survey questions, signing up for programs, and testing trial products, you can openly express your opinions on a variety of subjects.

Then use this to get rewards. Compared to previous surveys, the sample product testing mission requires you to test a product before providing your feedback. You can swap your points for Amazon gift cards once you have accumulated 1,000 points, which are worth $5. Although you can gain points through the app, you must redeem them via the website.

Key Highlights

  • One question surveys are one option for surveys.
  • You earn more money and contribute more to the development of branded goods and services the more you respond.
  • Spend your reward points at your preferred restaurants, Nike, Sephora, Xbox, Ebay, and more.
  • Get compensated for taking a few minutes to honestly respond to questions.
  • Each task, survey, or question you complete earns you more points.
  • Top participants can have interviews for $25, $50, or more.
  • Every day, fresh queries are presented.

Platform: Android and iOS

3. PaidViewpoint


The next app on our list of ones like 1Q is PaidViewpoint. One of the well-known consumer insights applications, PaidViewpoint, offers short surveys in exchange for money via PayPal. Simply register for a panelist account and participate in surveys is all that is required. After completing a survey, you’ll receive an email encouraging you to take part in another one.

You can earn between $0.03 and $1 for each survey. However, those who are in demand can make up to $20 per month because they might receive 50 to 60 surveys each month. Even though you live outside of the United States, all payments are made through PayPal within 72 hours of the request and are made to your PayPal account in US dollars.

Key Highlights

  • Offers brief surveys with no points, tickets, or anything else besides pure cash as payment.
  • Every payment is made through PayPal or one of its partners. Virtual Rewards
  • Each person is limited to one PaidViewpoint account.
  • You can earn $25 for each individual you bring onto the network.
  • A series of brief questions called the Trait Survey is used by the service to better understand you.
  • Increase your survey participation to raise your TrustScore.
  • Join the VIP community build to avoid having to wait for your invitees to receive their referral fees.

Only available on Android

4. Swagbucks


Swagbucks Like the other applications discussed in this post, Swagbucks enables you to gain SB points by completing a variety of online tasks. To earn points, all you have to do is sign up for Swagbucks, purchase offline or online, play games, complete surveys, watch funny videos, play games, and find fantastic bargains. Also check iFunbox Alternatives

After that, you may trade your points for gift cards from your preferred retailers, such as Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon and the Old Navy, Target, etc., or you can use PayPal to get cash back. Even though you won’t become wealthy or generate enough money to support yourself, you can still work a part-time job to supplement your income. You must first meet certain requirements for each survey, though.

Key Highlights

  • Lets you earn money using your smartphone and be compensated for sharing your views.
  • When you take advantage of exclusive offers and bargains from well-known brands, you can receive gift cards.
  • By utilizing our Yahoo! search engine, you can earn SB points.
  • With Swagbucks Magic Receipts, you may work as a mystery shopper and get rewarded for your subsequent food shop.
  • Get first dibs on fresh goods and services
  • Playing the most recent mobile app games will earn you large cash payments.
  • Earn money by responding to the daily survey from Swagbucks and learning interesting facts about other users.

Platform: Android and iOS

5. Inboxdollars


InboxDollars is another well-known survey and cash reward service that enables you to make some additional money while you’re relaxing. InboxDollars. It collaborates with many market research firms, which are mandated to share their feedback on novel goods and services. InboxDollars offers a variety of options to make additional money beyond than conducting surveys, such as watching movies, buying online, playing games, reading PaidEmails, taking part in scratch-off games, attempting offers, and more.

Therefore, they will pay you for each activity you perform. Additionally, you can withdraw money with a gift card or cheque as soon as your account balance reaches $30. You can typically earn between $0.02 and $5.00. People who make hundreds of dollars a month do exist, though.

Key Highlights

  • It is linked with a number of reliable companies in the market research, retail, and technology sectors. Visit this page daily to see the best paid surveys that are now available.
  • Earn money by reading emails, taking surveys, recreating games, doing online shopping, and fulfilling offers.
  • It offers a variety of games, including Mahjong Solitaire, Shooter, Candy Jam, Monkey Bubble, and Outspell.
  • Receive their greatest discounts through email.
  • Earn money for supermarket purchases and gain access to fantastic cash-back offers for purchasing your preferred products.

Platform: Android and iOS

6. Perksy


Perksy is an additional consumer insights solution that utilizes real-time mobile phone research with regular people. It offers points for completing surveys, same as other applications like 1Q, which can then be exchanged for gift cards. Your particular location and personal details are used to create these polls.

You may see your earnings once a task is finished, and those points will be added to your account. On average, answering 5–10 questions can earn you up to $0.2–$0.8. You may also get 100 points, which is equal to $1, by asking your friends to join Perksy by email, text, or social media.

Key Highlights

  • You’ll receive a ton of inquiries on current affairs.
  • Additionally, you may design your own research questions and receive real-time, in-depth insights.
  • Through on-demand research, it will enable companies and marketers to uncover crucial information from their target demographic.
  • Based on demographic, geographic, behavioral, and social data, brands can target specific users.
  • Unlock special discounts and opportunities from more than 100 brands.
  • Select from ten different question categories, use multimedia, and style the design
  • Data visualization and interactive analytics tools

Only available on iOS

7. OnePulse


The last app on our list of the top 1Q alternatives is OnePulse. OnePulse is a consumer insights app and online survey platform that turns market research into a lively, in-the-moment dialogue. If you run a business, create three questions, identify your target market using 65+ demographics, and then distribute your Pulse. Then, an algorithm sends a push notification to selected community members asking them to respond to your Pulse. You may witness opinions quickly form once they respond. You will receive payment if you took part in any surveys. The money is deposited into your PayPal account once you reach $20. Additionally, you should be aware that Pulses come in both free and premium varieties. Also check Drudge Report Alternatives 

Key Highlights

  • To make it quick and simple, a set of three questions is always provided.
  • Compensation for your highly regarded ideas
  • You won’t be required to respond to any questionnaires.
  • Answering a Pulse, whether free or purchased, will earn you experience points (XP), which help you level up.
  • All 3665 days of the year feature fresh Pulses and weekly tests.
  • The subjects can range from lifestyle to your opinion of current affairs.
  • Since every reaction is anonymous, you can compare it to those of the rest of the community.

Platform: Android and iOS

Summing Up

All the apps like 1Q that were covered in this post are excellent options for people who want to make extra money while lounging around. This is a fantastic way to reward yourself! However, keep in mind that even though using these apps can be an excellent way to make some additional money, you should exercise caution when giving out exposed information like credit card numbers. The information in the aforementioned post should have assisted you in locating the greatest short survey app that will enable you to make extra money during downtime.