Apex Legends tips and tricks from top pro players

For the past two years, Apex Legends can be played on any platform for free. In 2020, the concept of cross playing was introduced, and since then, it has gained immense popularity among game lovers.

In Apex Legends, you get many opportunities to polish your skills. The best way to improve your game is by following the advice of professional and experienced players. The pro players have been playing this game for years, and they know how to score better and cross different levels. When you follow their techniques and guidelines, you win all the matches and get many successful kills.

Apex Legends tricks and tips

These tips and tricks are collected from all pro Apex players. All these techniques have been carefully jotted down and listed in this article. So if you wish to become a pro player, keep on reading.

Stay armored

In this game, you can be attacked anytime. When you kill a group of enemies, do not lose your focus. Any other team can attack you while you are enjoying your victory. As soon as you defeat your opponent, get their armor. Thus, even if you get attacked, their armor will protect you. Always remember, having full armor is more important here than getting a more advanced weapon.

Use the ziplines

In this game, many buildings have vertical ziplines. You can use them when attacked by multiple enemies. When using ziplines, you will be facing only one enemy at a time. Moreover, you can jump at your enemies anytime and get some quick kills. So, these buildings are your best option if you plan to take down several enemies at a time.

Opening the doors

Most of the players try to open the doors as fast as possible and start the fight. But if an enemy is on the other side of the door, it will not open. You can knock down the door to scare your enemies but never kick it. If you are kicking a door open, your enemies will get enough time to get down. So, always use the door opening button. Thus, the door will crack open automatically.

Knowing the map

If you want to master this game, you must know your map. There are many buildings and structures. Each building has several entrances. When you know your map well, you can anticipate peeks and start pre-aiming. For example, you should never enter a building through the front door; always take the less-traveled path.

Reduce the sensitivity

Apex Legends is an adventure game. Every new player wants to play a dominant role. But lowering your sensitivity is one of the best Apex Legends hacks. Even some pro players use average sensitivity. As a beginner, you cannot max out your sensitivity. When you lower your sensitivity, you can learn the aiming system and winning techniques in detail.

Sliding techniques

All experienced players in this game use the sliding rails to move and jump around the map. This helps the players move quickly, and we know hitting a moving target is very difficult. So, try to separate yourself from the team by using the sliding rails and defeat your enemies.

Being in the zone

Interestingly, the game shows your current zone in a mini-map if you are not in a new circle. There is also a bar pointing to your location. But the bar only appears when the zone is about to close. So, you must check the mini-map to understand if you are in a good position before any zone collapses.

Escape plan

In this game, you can get attacked anytime. So, you must be always prepared for a gunfight no matter what your current location is. Pro players always keep an escape plan ready so that they remain one step ahead of their enemies. You must have a plan to escape from the squad and avoid the fights.

Choose your opponents wisely

You should not fight with every opponent you see. Always evaluate your chances of winning before you plan an attack. Avoid enemies with better cover advantage and height. Apex Legends provide its players a long health line, so you must not take more than one enemy at a time.

Play as team

Your team selection is one of the important decisions that you need to make in this game. A team with good coordination and communication can defeat any elite unorganized team. Moving as a team is very important here. Every team member must stay alert and think as a team.


These are the tips and tricks that can make you a great Apex Legends player. Like all other survival games, practice is key to bringing improvements. So, stay focused and keep playing.