9 Easy Steps to Write an Essay in English

Essay writing is vital to enhance knowledge, establish logical thinking, and develop good intellectual skills. Besides enhancing your cognitive thinking, essay writing is integral in high schools and colleges to help students get higher scores. Despite its numerous benefits and simple structure, many individuals find it overwhelming to write an essay in English. This article by Easy essay discusses nine easy steps for writing an essay in English.

Understand the Essay Topic

Before you start writing your essay, it’s vital to understand the essay topic you’re going to write about. Read the particular easy writing topics in English to understand the content and structure and content you require. While understanding the topic, highlight the keywords, and check the meaning of unfamiliar words to ensure you understand what the topic entails. Experts advise that you consider identifying the topic words indicating the subject.

Research and Read Widely on the Essay Topics

After understanding the essay topic, research and read widely to get the essay’s background. Be selective in using accessible and relevant sources to get the appropriate information. While researching, ensure that you note down quotations that may be useful during the essay writing process. Lastly, check the author’s sources in the bibliography or footnotes.

Brainstorming Ideas In Line With the Question

Brainstorming the ideas that align with the question or topic will be vital to help you get more information or content on the topic. Jotting down the relevant points or content while brainstorming will help you understand the relevant points. The best way to remember these points is by noting the relevant quotes and evidence coming into your mind while researching. You can also use a proper mind map for stimulating lateral thinking.

Develop a Thesis

When having essay writing topics in English, developing the thesis helps encapsulate the response or answer for the topic. This statement summarizes the topic’s main position or argument in a single sentence. It allows the reader to understand what the essay will discuss or shape. Ensure that you connect your thesis with the essay content straightforwardly.

Draft a Plan For Response

Drafting a response plan is the next vital step to help you have effective essay writing in English. Ensure that you order your ideas or plan in a logical sequence and point form to make it easy to get the ideas while writing. Ensure every point you note in the plan is relevant and relates to the topic. Remember, this plan provides a clear path and outline for essay development.

Develop the Introduction

You can now proceed to craft the introduction after having a compelling plan and thesis statement. The introduction is an essential part of any essay, as it provides direction and what the reader should expect in the body or content. Ensure that you have the best introduction to grab the reader’s introduction. You can open up the discussion with an attractive and eye-catching introduction. An eye-catching introduction can have:

  • A personal anecdote
  • Surprising statistic or fact
  • Examining the reader’s preconceptions

Write the Essay Main Body

The body is the most important of your essay, as it’s where you outline your content, ideas, etc. When writing the body, ensure that you place each point in a new paragraph. You can consider using joining phrases or words at the start of paragraphs to ensure the flow. Ensure that you properly paraphrase and cite your work to ensure that you don’t violate the plagiarism rules. Remember to revisit the thesis statement to ensure all your points answer the question or topic.

Conclude Your Essay

Experts advise adopting a funnel or upside-down pyramid when writing your content. This structure allows you to find it easy to draft the conclusion. The conclusion should provide a summary of the whole essay or a recap of the content. You can also suggest the need for further research or speculate on the future change.

Edit Your Work

It’s important to proofread, refine and draft your task to ensure you get an error-free and high-quality essay. Editing your work helps to fix spelling and grammatical errors. Besides reading through the essay thoroughly, you can consider tools such as Grammarly to help you get rid of spelling and grammatical errors. You can also check the citing and remove unnecessary words before submitting the article.

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