9 Best Education Softwares for Students in 2020

Throughout the centuries, education was gaining more and more value in every person’s life. At the same time, as its importance grew, the complexity of programs increased as well.

Today, learning is hard as never. Programs at schools and colleges are broad and extensive. Simultaneously, studying becomes easier as technological progress boosts. Now, students have a wide range of materials, tools, and software at their disposal and all of this makes reaching academic excellence much easier.

Learning Made Simple: Top 9 Software Students Need in 2020

Education software of all shapes and kinds has been around for a while. In the modern world, it is neither new nor rare that students use additional tools in their academic endeavors.

In a nutshell, all tools that aim to make education simple fall into this category. From study planners and platforms with various courses to online classrooms that are so helpful during the global pandemic – all these tools are what a modern student can’t do without.

Here is our ultimate list of the handiest tools, platforms, and software students should opt for in 2020.

Google Classroom

First things first. We all know that the unprecedented situation with a global outbreak of COVID-19 has made its own adjustments to many different spheres of our lives. The changes were applied to the educational sector as well.

Although many countries are gradually easing their quarantine measures, the interaction inside a class is still difficult as never. That’s when Google Classroom can really help! Needless to say that all of Google’s products are great. But, this one is especially handy.

With the help of this particular one, students and teachers can interact online with ease, ask and answer questions, arrange online classes, share ideas, submit tasks, grade them, and so on.


EssayPro takes its deserved place on this list. This is not particularly a software, but a rather handy online tool that every student should have bookmarked. In today’s fast-paced world such tools are the key to your success. Essay writing service EssayPro is a top-level service that helps students of all academic levels save their time, meanwhile taking their academic performance to a new level.

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Math has always been and still is one of those subjects students struggle with the most. Luckily, today, even if you are not really a math person, you can find the right tools that will help you out.

Photomath is a great and easy-to-use tool. It helps students take their mathematical skills to a new level. To use it, just take a picture of a printed or handwritten math problem, and the software will show you how to solve it step-by-step.

Microsoft To-Do

Students always have lots of things going on. Respectively, they also always have plenty of things to accomplish. Sometimes, it may feel too overwhelming to keep up with everything, and that’s where Microsoft To-Do joins the game!

This smart software is convenient, intuitive, and free of charge. The primary aim is to replace your regular to-do list and help keep track of all tasks and chores with less effort. This is a great tool that will help you stay focused at all times and succeed in all your undertakings!

Foxit Reader

In today’s digital world, schools and colleges are finally leveraging technology to maximize the productivity and convenience of the educational process. And PDF files now seem to be an integral part of it. There can be a variety of situations when you need to open PDFs. Thus, you need to have reliable software for this, and Foxit Reader is just the one!


Taking notes is an essential part of your academic life. The more effectively you do this, the better results will be achieved. Luckily, today, all you need to take great notes is the right software.

OneNote is a smart way to do this and keep all of your remarks organized. This tool has plenty of great features. It is an excellent software to stay focused, organized, and store all important notes in one place.


Learning languages has plenty of benefits. First of all, it is a great way to keep your brain toned and boost confidence. At the same time, being multilingual is a sure way to boost your networking, see the world, and even advance your career.

However, it is not a secret that learning a foreign language isn’t easy. This is especially the case if you don’t have the right tools for this. Duolingo is a great educational software that makes learning languages fun and easy. With its help, you can master a variety of languages, including Spanish, French, and many others. Definitely a must-have tool for students!


Quizlet is a student’s number one learning app. It features a variety of modes, including:

  • Learning;
  • Writing;
  • Matching;
  • Testing;
  • Flashcards.


All these modes can be used to polish your skills and knowledge on pretty much any subject and topic. With the help of Quizlet, you can also prepare for exams and tests.

The app has a wide range of pre-made flashcards and a possibility to create your own. Also, there are many fun educational games. Be sure to give it a try!

On the Last Note: Udemy

Self-learning has always played an important role in education. However, often, it feels so hard to get organized and start expanding your own knowledge. Luckily, for such cases, there is Udemy.

Udemy is one of the best learning platforms available today. It features thousands of educational materials, great video tutorials, and exciting courses on a wide range of topics. If you are looking to acquire new skills, understand a complex topic or subject, or just gain more knowledge in the field of your interest – Udemy is a way to go!