7 Ways To Get Your Product Wider Reach On Instagram

Instagram has drastically transformed the online marketing game for everyone. Small to large business owners today utilize this platform to its complete capacity to reach a wider audience. Many digital market experts suggest that Instagram has a 15% higher user engagement rate than Facebook, making it an efficient tool for advertising one’s products and services.

Apart from this, creating anticipation in the minds of the consumers boosts the sale and draws customer attention. Many experts suggest that this can be best made possible by using Instagram, as it offers multiple mediums to popularize a product. You could post a behind-the-scenes video on your story, make a reel with incomplete shots of the product, or even create campaigns and countdowns. A wide array of options allows you to increase engagement on Instagram and reach more followers.

This article will discuss the top seven ways to get your products wider exposure on Instagram by efficiently utilizing all its features and tools.

1) Create a business account

Thanks to Instagram tech teams, now you can create a business account to promote your business. This setting offers you a wide range of features. You can create a shop listing price for each product, which allows customers directly contact you and lets you keep a check on the engagement rate and increase engagement on Instagram. The latter is very helpful in allowing you to make necessary changes in your marketing tricks to reach the right audience. Some business owners also get real Instagram followers to increase their reach on the platform.

2) Influencer Marketing

Engage with big and small influencers working in the same niche as yours to promote your products. Your influencer selection will be influenced not only by the network but also by your budget. Popular influencers with a large following base will charge more than others. Thus, it is vital to consider all these factors before contacting an influencer.

3) Be creative

Ever wondered why Durex has such a wide reach on Instagram? It is because of their creative posts, garnished with a taste of wit and humor. Similarly, when you look at Sephora Cosmetics’ page, they include high-resolution images, tutorials from their consumers, etc.

Including your consumers in your official feed makes you more reliable and people-oriented, thereby making you appear credible.

Thus, try to be creative with your captions, add colorful photos and videos, create memes, etc., and move away from mundane pictures and promotions.

4) Use Hashtags

Hashtags constitute a significant part of the Instagram algorithm and contribute to our engagement rate. You can create hashtags around your product launch, encouraging people to post using them to get featured on your feed.

It is a widely used step to increase Instagram followers and let your products have a wider reach.

5) Keep Track of time

It is vital to take into account the right time for posting any content. While consistency is important, so is the right time. If your target audience is in the USA and you are sitting in China, you would prefer to post at night or accordingly.

Even within the same demographic space, one must analyze the time when users are most active to get a wider reach for their products. However, do not keep posting every day at a fixed hour, as this also affects your engagement.

6) Giveaways and Contests

If there is one thing that unites people across states and continents, it is the love for free products. Giveaways immensely help to increase engagement on Instagram. Multiple brands have witnessed huge engagement with giveaways and contests as they attract Instagram followers and engagement.

You too can create a similar giveaway for your upcoming product to increase its reach and facilitate promotion.

7) Interact with the audience

If you have subscribed to Netflix, you will know how the app separately lists all the new shows and movies. Then why do millions of people still follow its Instagram account? Their most effective technique to engage the audience on Instagram is interaction. They reply to comments on their posts, hold live sessions with the stars of popular series and movies, and so on.

Interacting with the audience helps them connect better with your brand and remain active with engagement on your page, thus boosting your reach. You must also interact with the audience as much as possible as it forms a vital part of Instagram SEO. 

Instagram has levelled up the marketing game across the globe. It has helped small businesses become international. So you must work consistently to keep your audience engaged. Many business owners buy followers to boost their engagement and appear credible. However, one must not employ this trick repeatedly, as Instagram might censor your content and block your page. As a result of the Instagram norms, being consistent and smart will help you reach your goals.