5 Ways to Improve Your VPN Usage Experience in 2020

As we all know, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) keep us safe and anonymous over the web. Many of us still do not understand how a VPN service can work with our different devices in parallel and increase our online privacy.

Similarly, a VPN plays a vital role when we want to watch our favorite geo-restricted content available on different video on demand services. However, it turns out to be an expensive activity since you have to pay for streaming service and VPN both.

This is where torrenting’s role comes in handy. There are numerous torrent clients like BitTorrent, uTorrent, and others you can use without spending a single penny. As a result, you can watch TV shows, movies, documentaries and much more free.

That said, torrenting is not a safe activity since hackers and other cyber terrorists can inject malware into users’ devices through torrent files. Hence, you must connect to a trustworthy VPN service before performing torrenting tasks. But, not all the VPNs offer dedicated torrenting servers to their users.

Therefore, you should rely on a top-performing VPN like ExpressVPN that keeps its users’ P2P activities anonymous. Once you have connected to your desired torrenting assisted server, you can conduct torrenting activities from anywhere anonymously. Thus, torrenting with ExpressVPN keeps you secure over the internet and significantly safeguards your online identities from various cyber risks. Interestingly, you can perform other online tasks besides torrenting with a VPN.

Continue reading this post to know how to complete such activities in complete anonymity by enhancing your VPN usage experience overall.

5 Ways to improve your VPN experience in 2020

Here are 5 different ways by which you can transform your VPN usage in 2020 on multiple devices accordingly. These different ways include:

Pair it with an Antivirus

VPNs mask your actual IP address and encrypt your entire web traffic. Similarly, they are compatible with all the leading platforms and devices. However, you cannot use them to combat malicious software or programs. Therefore, you will need to install an antivirus software to monitor and identify potential malware and viruses within the apps and files installed on your devices.

It means you should use antivirus software alongside a VPN to provide an additional layer of security to your devices.

Choose the closest VPN server

This is another pro tip you can use to improve the performance of your VPN app considerably. When you connect to a closest available server, you can carry out various activities like online shopping, video streaming, banking transactions and much more at appreciable connection speeds.

Bypass ISP throttling

If you are a streaming or gaming freak then you should not overlook the importance of using a VPN at any cost. For instance, a VPN allows you to bypass ISP bandwidth throttling issues that do not allow you to do data intensive activities like gaming or streaming.

Through a VPN, you can watch all your favorite TV shows and movies without facing buffering issues. This is because you can spoof your online locations from the prying eyes of ISPs as they cannot trace what you do over the internet.

The same goes for gaming as well since you can play all your favorite games hassle-free once you have decreased your lagging and ping issues with a VPN appreciably. Above all, you can use the multi-login or simultaneous connections feature that lets you enjoy playing games or watching TV shows or movies on multiple devices at the same time.

Enable a Kill Switch feature

Although VPNs offer robust online protection and the required level of anonymity to its users. However, they can expose your sensitive personal information online if you have not activated a kill switch feature on your devices.

Have you ever realized what will happen if your VPN connection suddenly drops or disconnects for any reason. In this situation, hackers or other cybercriminals can gain access to your web browsing information and attack your devices through phishing and other cyberattacks in a blink of an eye.

Hence, you should always enable a kill switch feature before using a VPN on any device. The said feature disconnects your connection to the internet immediately if your VPN server goes down.

As a result, you can still safeguard your actual whereabouts without compromising your privacy.

Do not use unknown VPN services

Surprisingly, different VPN services may harm your privacy a great deal. Yes, you have read it correctly. Frankly speaking, you should use trustworthy VPN providers because they do not store their users’ information in any form.

In case you use relatively unknown VPN services, there are chances they may sell your crucial browsing information or other data to third-party marketers to make their ends meet. Therefore, you should stay away from such dangerous VPN service if you do not want to find yourself in hot waters.

Wrapping Up

Protecting your privacy on multiple devices is not a difficult task, provided you know how to use your VPN app smartly. If you follow the above-described ways appropriately, you can make the most out of your VPN service.

As a result, you can do whatever you want over the web, like accessing region-locked content from anywhere. This way, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies available on video on demand services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and others.

Furthermore, you can keep various notorious elements at bay like hackers, doxers, and other cyber goons using a VPN on your preferred devices.