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5 Signs That You Need Tree Removal

Having trees on your property can certainly be quite good for you, and not only because it might look nice. There are various different benefits of having these in your yard, including economic ones. If you don’t really understand how this could economically be good for you, let me make it clear. In simple words, some studies show that properties with trees on them can be worth more than those without. This has probably never crossed your mind before, but it is quite a big advantage.

Yet, despite all of that, there might come the time when you need to remove your trees from certain properties. This happens more often than you might think and, even though you might not be thrilled with the idea of having to do this, the truth is that it is sometimes rather necessary. In fact, there are some clear signs that show you need to get tree removal services, so if you aren’t sure if it’s time for you to do this, I suggest you read up on those signs and figure it out. This article can be of help in that endeavor.

Now, I know that you might not be thrilled about the idea of removing a particular tree from your property, but it sometimes simply needs to be done and that’s it. As I have mentioned above, there are some clear signs that you might need these services. Chances are, though, that you don’t know which signs those are, which is why I have decided to get you acquainted with some of those. So, if you keep on reading, you’ll figure out exactly how to recognize when you need to remove a particular plant from your property. Here we go.

1. Lack Of Leaves

One of the most clear, and yet not so easily noticeable, signs that you need to get rid of a particular tree is the lack of leaves on it. I said that this isn’t so easily noticeable, but the truth is that people won’t notice it simply because they aren’t paying attention. If you do pay attention to it, though, you will definitely be able to notice if the tree in question is failing to regrow enough leaves during the right season.

Everyone knows that fall and winter aren’t the seasons during which you should look for this particular sign, since you cannot quite expect leaves to regrow during those periods. When spring comes around, however, you should take some time to pay close attention in order to figure out if the plants are growing enough leaves, or if the number is shrinking year after year. Of course, this certainly doesn’t mean that you should count the leaves, as that would be quite a huge nonsense. If a particular tree’s health is failing, the lack of leaves will be quite noticeable.

2. Dead Branches

In case you frequently notice dead branches around a specific tree, then it is a clear sign it should be removed. Why is this, though? Well, research shows that plants that are sick or dying tend to shed branches with the aim of becoming smaller and thus being able to survive more easily. Falling branches can not only spread diseases, but they are also a hazard to you and your whole family, as well as your property, since you never know when and how a particular branch will fall.

In addition to that, shedding branches can impact the overall stability of a particular tree. This can result in a fall that will most definitely have a hugely negative impact on your property. Of course, keeping a tree that is about to fall is not only dangerous for your property, but also for all the people that set foot on that property. So, shedding branches is a clear sign that removal is necessary.

3. Mushrooms

Now, here is a sign that might not be as clear as the two mentioned above. This is not because you might not notice it, but simply because you might not think of it as of an issue. I am referring to seeing mushrooms at the base of the tree. You might just assume that this is a completely normal occurrence and that there’s nothing to worry about, but that’s certainly not correct.

Mushrooms are definitely bad news for your trees, or any other plants. If you notice that a lot of them are growing at the base, you can rest assured that the roots and the trunk are already infected, which is why removal might be absolutely necessary. As you can see at WNY Tree Services, when you hire professionals to do this job, you can be absolutely sure that everything will be well done and that the infection will be removed together with the tree. So, when you notice mushrooms, contacting one of these professionals is the right thing to do.

4. Storm Damage

If your tree has suffered any type of damage from a storm, then removing it from your property is the best possible idea. The damage can be quite visible, but it can also be a bit subtler than you might have expected it. Winds can definitely significantly damage plants and it is your responsibility to look for those signs, so as to determine if some of those might be posing a threat to your property. Crown twist, root failure, stem failure and many more things are clear signs that the tree has been damaged by storm and that it needs to be removed as soon as possible.

5. It Looks As If It Might Fall

If you take a look at a particular tree and start thinking that it is leaning on one particular side a little bit, or that the branches are overgrown, there are two things you can do. First of all, you can just admire the unusual shape and take it for granted, thinking that it is completely normal for a tree to lean like that. Secondly, you can use your common sense to realize that this is not a very favorable situation, especially if the tree is standing near a particular house, building, or any type of a construction.

The bottom line is that, if it looks like it might fall, it might actually fall. Of course, it can go on leaning for many years before falling, but this type of appearance is a clear sign that it might fall at one point. This is why removing it, or at least contacting professionals to do a risk assessment, is of utmost necessity. So, do yourself a favor and don’t ignore this sign.

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