Best Tech Tools to Write an IB Internal Assessment

Internal Assessment

Adopting technology is a common practice for students. Be it their social media apps or using software for their assignments, technology is an integral part in the lives of students. Having that
said, education institutes do not expect from students to do their assignments by-hand.

To complete the IB diploma, essays and assessments are essential. IB diplomas integrate technology in order to deliver meaningful, high-quality assessments. Technology is incorporated in various tools in IB assessment. On-screen assessment involves internal assessment an examination as well as ePortfolios. Technology has successfully changed the way of teaching; with respect to how students are taught in classes with respect to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) that allows a teacher to have a wider audience.

What is IB Internal Assessment?

For SL and HL students, internal assessment is an important part of the entire diploma. It allows students to show their knowledge and skills and to move forward with their personal likings without facing any sorts of barriers that are usually linked with written examinations. Therefore, it is essential that the internal assessment must be stitched in the classroom practices as a norm, and not a different activity that is carried out as a separate course.

With respect to SL and HL, the internal assessment requirements are the exact same. However, concerning their contribution and need to the total percentage in the grade, it differs at both these levels. In the IB assessment, students are required to come with a solution that includes a cover page, the product and the document. Initially, the solution should focus on making sure that the original product or an additional function is provided for a product to a client.

The internal assessment, while being productive and practical, acts as an integral part of the assessment for computer science courses. It is, therefore important for instructors to make sure appropriate guidance is given to students.

With respect to IB internal assessments, here are some tech tools you can use. While there are many services like IB internal assessment writing service or others, you need to be aware of the tools that can be adopted as well.


Paperpile is a tool that allows students to make the best essays using their own library of research. The library a student makes is confidential and only people added to the list can read it. It is a great tool and has some amazing features that students can benefit from the most. For example, through this software, students can search anything and find trustworthy sources as a result, such as Google Scholar.


InstaGork is a tool that allows you to take the first step towards your assessment: to come up with an idea for the project. The fascinating thing about the tech tool is that you can put a keyword that is most associated with your topic. The software will then generate ideas and facts about linked keywords. Interesting, isn’t it?

Literacy Took

The tool that allows to ponder at challenging topics and issues online. If you are looking to address a challenging scenario online, you need this tool.

And how will it work? While you are surfacing around the internet, all you need to do is (when you have this tool integrated) double-click the word you find interesting. The service then leads you to scientific resources that are linked with the word. Additionally, this tool is also an excellent source for writing as you can sort the gathered information into boards and lists.

Having that said, education institutes do not expect from students to do their assignments by-hand.  And of course, some of them asking other students or contacting writing services with thoughts like “I will pay someone to write my paper and focus on another task.

Ashford Universitys Thesis Generator 

The thesis generator is an interesting tool. It will ask you various questions that will then allow to go through the topic in a thorough manner. Once you are done, you can then select the variants as per your choice, depending on the assessment you are about to conduct.

Additionally, this website also allows you to come with an outline, which includes a conclusion, body paragraphs, and of course, the introduction.

While you may find numerous tools on the internet for your IB assessment writing, these are the top tools that make the lives of students more comfortable. Of course, it goes without saying, try these tools and see how helpful they are.